Bullying in Workplace

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DidToUp20 Wed 08-Apr-20 13:05:04

Two colleagues stepped forward on email to advise me that I was being bullied by colleagues. I'd felt it for some time but hoped it would all just again away.

Upon receiving the emails and with support from the 2 colleagues I approached HR who were useless. A senior manager offered me support within the company which at the time I was very grateful for.

4 weeks ago I was called into an unannounced meeting with no notice or support of my own I was asked by 2 managers to resign from my job. They advised that a grievance has been processed and conclusions reached was that I was to resign from my job. The manager in the meeting told me what they were doing was legal and above board and that they had sought advice. Neither I, nor the 2 colleagues have been interviewed by anyone within the company and I have since been advised by HR that no greivance had been processed. With the current pandemic and worry I have absolutely no idea if I will still be paid, how I will pay my bills nor if I have a job but will fight what they have done because it's totally unacceptable. Can anyone offer me any advice please. Thank you

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maxelly Wed 08-Apr-20 14:15:04

Hello, sorry to hear about this. Certainly sounds very unpleasant regardless of the legalities.

How long have you been employed there, 2 years or more? You gain a lot of employment rights at the 2 year point.

You really need some proper legal advice on this. Are you a member of a trade union, as they can support their members through disputes with their employer. If not I would advise you to speak to ACAS which has a completely free helpline, and/or to consult an employment solicitor.

In UK law, an employer cannot decide an employee should resign and outside of certain quite specific circumstances, telling or suggesting to an employee they should resign can be grounds for claiming constructive unfair dismissal. However they can dismiss you for a number of fair reasons including (mis)conduct, capability/poor performance, redundancy or 'some other substantial reason', providing they follow a fair process. But the simple fact of you having complained about bullying wouldn't in itself constitute a fair reason for dismissal, not at all, this could be victimisation. It sounds as though what they are saying is that someone else has complained about you, they have investigated and decided you are to blame, but it doesn't sound right at all that you haven't had the right to respond or had a fair hearing or the right of appeal. Did they say what their next steps would be if you don't resign? Have they put anything in writing to you yet - if not I would definitely request written confirmation of their position. I certainly wouldn't do anything drastic before you've sought legal advice, as I said above, what you can reasonably hope to achieve is very dependent on other factors such as how long you've been employed there and the specifics of the situation which I wouldn't advise you to post on a public forum.

Good luck, hope you sort it out.

SoloMummy Wed 08-Apr-20 14:19:21

Lodge a formal grievance about the conduct of the two managers.
And a separate grievance about the bullying.
It's unlikely the other 2 members will support you, as will fear for their jobs.
Download the policies relating to grievance and bullying. Cite the relevant passages inyour grievances.

DidToUp20 Wed 08-Apr-20 14:41:50

Thanks for your responses, I have sent written confirmation that I will not be resigning from my role and requested meeting notes. I have spoken to a solicitor and ACAS who has advised that they cannot do what they are doing and have the help of an HR advisor. The 2 colleagues still want to help, I've mentioned my concern for their jobs and also discussed with them the possibility of further problems with the bullies for them. They still want to support and still believe that yhe companies approach is totally unacceptable and wrong. HR have advised that no greivance has been completed to date. I believe that information was presented by the 2 managers in the hope that I would resign and just go quickly

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Hoggleludo Wed 08-Apr-20 16:09:34

Jesus! Huge hug and handhold

That's sounds brutal!!!

Keep us up to date

How long have you worked there?

AlwaysCheddar Thu 09-Apr-20 07:53:18

Call Acas!

Issues12 Fri 10-Apr-20 07:44:16

This sounds absolutely terrible and I just want to wish you luck, please keep us updated .

TiddleTaddleTat Sat 18-Apr-20 22:30:48

Do keep us updated. Good for you for standing up. That takes guts and is absolutely the right thing to do. What despicable behaviour.

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