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mrsradley Tue 07-Apr-20 23:29:29

I work in an emergency service government dept that is telling everyone what to do re social distancing.

And they are the biggest hypocrites.

I suffer with a number of health conditions, one being a compromised airway and health anxiety. I'm in medication for both .

Despite my dept telling everyone about social distancing we are still working a couple of feet from each other , we all share desks , phones and computers. We have no antibacterial wipes or sanitizer.
My job could be done from home but I've been refused and from the day I asked I've been sent out on a public facing role where social distancing is impossible. I genuinely feel that it's because I asked about home working. The party line is we're an emergency service and we all stick together - so we all need to face the risk. (Even those of us who are doing amended roles that could easily be done remotely)

I don't know what to do.

My union aren't replying as they are all off.
Occy Health are deluged.

I'm tempted to speak to my gp who is supportive and go sick.

The job I do - no one cares. I was promised the earth after a late miscarriage but within days was ordered to get back out in front line duties which makes me even less inclined to out myself on the line now .

While my dept are telling everyone else to enforce social distancing I feel they are the biggest hypocrites going as I have zero protection from this virus despite being a frontline worker at risk.

I don't know what to do. I'm grateful for job still , but I'm terrified of going to it .

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