Furloughed and holiday?

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Pinkroseuk Thu 26-Mar-20 11:19:15

Hi I am being furloughed from the start of next week.
I work in a small office where jan-August are crazy months so we tend to take our holidays later in the year.

They have said we have to take what we are owed before going onto furlough though? Is this correct?

This will mean I get 10 days left to choose holidays this year (we also have to leave 7 for compulsory Christmas shut down)

Can they do this? I need to know ASAP as will have to cancel a planned holiday? Thanks

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Wiaa Mon 30-Mar-20 06:13:58

Well for starters that's a bit mad as they won't be able to claim the 80% whilst you're on annual leave but in answer to your question yes they can make you take al but they have to give you twice as much notice as the amount of leave eg 2 weeks notice for 1 week off.
In the first instance i would check back they understand they won't be able to get the grant and then inform them of the notice rules and finally due to the circumstances have a chat about how much al you don't mind using.

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