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bookeeping - how much do you earn?

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micegg Mon 10-Sep-07 20:47:05

Apologies for the intrusive question but I was just wondering how much you could charge for bookeeping? I am thinking of doing an evening course in it and offering my services to local businesses. I just need to get an idea of what I could expect to earn before weighing it all up.


ShrinkingViolet Tue 11-Sep-07 13:10:00

I charged £150 a month for bookeeping, all "official" paperwork and tax returns/end of year stuff. Am taking on a new client to do all of the above plus payroll, and am quoting £200 per month. That's based on a turnover of £100K-£150K.

cktwo Thu 13-Sep-07 19:33:23

I charge £15 per hour for basic bookkeeping. From the research I have done in my area that seems to be the going rate. Why don't you ring around a few bookkeepers in your area pretenting to be a prospective client to find out how much they charge.

Have you had any experience of bookkeeping before now?

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