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SaritaBella Sat 21-Mar-20 20:33:38

Hello mums.
Need your ideas please.
So my company kept a thought of trading until further notice by Goverment. I'm a pub General Managet in London. So as we all know further notice and bam! We're closed.
I mean fair enough,no issues with that.
My main issue that as a General Manager and all my fellow managers are being made to travel to site and do checks and support other venues. To make sure no leaks and etc. We need to do this every day and do our 48 hours still.Even if you sit and do nothing. I'm finding this ridiculous. On one side I'm glad I'm still getting paid. On the other hand - the whole idea of shutting down the pubs and other entertainment is to prevent risk and self isolate at home. Now we are made to go do checks to one venue, as its low risk, quick check up and go another venue and sit for 6 hours as it's in more riskier area. And so on. I have nowhere to leave my kid as well as all childminders nurseries are closed.
I was thinking to ask for unpaid leave but then I thought other people do not work and will be paid 80%. I would be happy to be at home and be paid 80% of my salary. So I'm well confused of what are my rights. If I self isolate I do not get paid. Unless its SSP. So I'm not sure what government need to ban and how for employer to understand that there's a reason why they do that. For everybody to be at home. Not sure what I would like to hear as an advice. Need to rant.

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flowery Sun 22-Mar-20 09:47:29

Pubs are closed to enforce social distancing. When you’re doing these “checks” are you coming into contact with other people?

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