Childcare issues - school closures

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Cab121009 Wed 18-Mar-20 21:12:09

I work in a school as catering stuff... The reason i took the job was i would be there fo kids when schools shut and work within school hours.

Schools are now shut.. We have been given no other information other than catering staff will be required to work during these closures to provided meals for fsm families and elderly... Which i totally understand i would have no issue doing this, i love goinf. To work and need a routine in my day.

My issues is as a single parent the only people i have for childcare is my gran who is over 70 and my mum who is asthmatic... My gran says she will hablve the kids no issues but im not preapared to put her at risk.

Im actually shitting it now wondering if i will be paid or not... As i said i would happily work but really not feasible. I know my family would never see me stuck which im lucky to have. But i work to pay my way and have my independence feel like crying... Coronavirus is a nightmare 😣

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1066vegan Thu 19-Mar-20 02:50:16

Does your child go to the school where you work or, for example, do you work at a secondary school while your dc is at primary?

The list of frontline workers hasn't been issued yet. Hopefully, all school staff will be included in which case your dc will be going to school as normal. If the list has been badly thought out and just says teachers but your dc goes to your school then I'm sure that the headteacher would still want them to come in so that you can come to work.

Thepigeonsarecoming Thu 19-Mar-20 02:54:36

Have you searched Facebook to see if you have a Covid-19 mutual aid group? My local one has childminders and ex teachers offering support.

Cab121009 Thu 19-Mar-20 06:28:14

I domt have facebook but i could gwt someone to check thanks

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AlwaysColdHands Thu 19-Mar-20 06:32:05

You might be classed as a key worker and so there could be provision for your children. Near me there’s a ‘hub’ - one local primary school that will be used for this.

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