Coronavirus and IR35 - HMRC will be proved right or wrong

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NotBabiesForLong Wed 18-Mar-20 20:53:45

Surely, thanks (or not) to coronavirus, if contractors are out of work or self isolating with no repercussions, or SSP etc, this proves once and for all that contractors are not employees.

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RainbowMum11 Thu 19-Mar-20 03:22:51

I read earlier that they are delaying IR35 until April 2021, or maybe that's just the review.
They have said that freelancers & gig workers would get SSP but not true self-employed so maybe they are using this as stick to push the tax revenue from that perspective?

NotBabiesForLong Thu 19-Mar-20 03:51:19

Maybe that SSP will be the acid test?

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bulletjournalbilly Thu 19-Mar-20 04:03:02

IR35 is 100% delayed until 2021

tinybluerose Thu 19-Mar-20 09:41:13

My company was an IR35 test case (fun). I work on government contracts and was deemed to be outside IR35.

All work ended today. No help from government as no premises and all help is linked to businesses with premises. I am an employee of the company. Technically SSP from the company, however if the company has no income the who knows.

My main priority today is trying to keep paying my employees for as long as possible. That will mean no income for me until at least October.

So it seems my best case was right.

NotBabiesForLong Thu 19-Mar-20 13:25:35

I think there will be a few more being proved "right" thanks to little support or notice of termination now.

Tricky times for everybody.

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