Parental leave again !

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hopefulhalf Fri 13-Mar-20 17:27:03

I have applied for parental leave (first time ever) to help DD during the study leave around her GCSEs. My job is quite "full on" and often more than fulltime. I have been told I can have half of what I requested because of "service needs". To be honest it would have the same impact no matter when I took it. Am I right in thinking they can only postpone not suggest less time.
? I have been in the job 5 years, should I suck it up or go to HR ? Thoughts please

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dementedpixie Fri 13-Mar-20 17:53:16

How much did you request?

dementedpixie Fri 13-Mar-20 17:56:59

Delaying leave

Leave can’t be postponed (delayed) if:

- the employer doesn’t have a ‘significant reason’, eg it would cause serious disruption to the business
- it’s being taken by the father or partner immediately after the birth or adoption of a child
- it means an employee would no longer qualify for parental leave, eg postponing it until after the child’s 18th birthday

*If it’s postponed, the employer*:

- must write explaining why within 7 days of the original request
- suggest a new start date - this must be within 6 months of the requested start date
- can’t change the amount of leave being requested

dementedpixie Fri 13-Mar-20 17:57:41

flowery Fri 13-Mar-20 18:32:16

There’s nothing wrong with them suggesting less time. You can agree or not, up to you. If they didn’t have a good enough reason to postpone it they’d have to allow the lot, but if they do have a good enough reason to postpone it and they offer a shorter time period instead, you might want to accept the offer.

hopefulhalf Fri 13-Mar-20 18:57:21

It is also out of timescales (2 weeks since I put in request) and not in writing. So I'm wondering whether to respond (possibly cc'ing in HR) to the suggestion or whether to just go to HR for advice as line manager has not responded to within 7 days and not in writing.

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flowery Fri 13-Mar-20 19:09:01

Ok well if they haven’t followed the correct procedure for postponing then they can’t and your original dates stand.

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