Dreading going back to work after 10 month maternity leave

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Greedy7 Tue 10-Mar-20 23:15:59

Hi you sound so sad but don’t worry it will be ok! Just think of your time at work as a bit of a rest, a break. And just remember the feeling when you see her again with a big smile on her face. Your DDs time with her grandparents will be magical and she will learn a lot! I did exactly the same went back to work when my little one was 9months and worked 2 days a week with my parents looking after her. Don’t worry... you can do it. Good luck x

Lsquiggles Mon 09-Mar-20 16:12:17

I go back to work this Thursday after 10 months maternity leave and I'm dreading it so much. I used to love my job but over the years have become resentful towards a lot of things, but would equally find it more stressful to find a new job so going back is the lesser of two evils at the moment. I'm going back for two 8 hour days per week and my parents are looking after my DD during that time, I just wish time hadn't gone so quick, my DD is still so small (8.5 months) and it seems so early to go back to work but have no choice financially sad

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