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omg I am pg... scared my boss is going to kill me!

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beforesunrise Thu 06-Sep-07 13:28:10

hello all, well i had my bfp this morning for baby no 2! should be over the moon but the truth is i am terrified. tehre's many reasons for it: general pregnancy paranoias, dd who is 18 months and has never once slept through (not even close), but perhaps chief among them is work.

my boss is going on mat leave in 6 weeks and i ahve accepted to cover for her. this in itself is a big deal for me as it entails a lot more repsonsibility and stress- but ok i had decided i would take the challenge. but now i am terrified that if i tell our MD i am pg he is going to freak out and be really upset that i have accepted to cover while in reality i will be going off in a few months myself.

with dd i didn't tell anyone until 12 weeks and i would love to do the same with this baby. but i am just afraid i am being dishonest with my boss in accpeting the post and not being able to see it through.

what shoudl i do? should i tell now? or wait till 12 weeks? and how do i manage my md? and am i even mad for considering taking on such a huge challenge when pg? on the other hand, the extra money will come in handy esp when i go on mat leave..


horrifiedmum Thu 06-Sep-07 13:46:16

Don't panic about work, just carry on as normal. There is no need to tell them right now anyway.

The only concern with work is if you can handle the extra stress - only you can answer that.

Why do you think the MD will freak out and kill you - all sounds a bit over the top. You are not being dishonest in anyway, pregnancy shouldn't act as a barrier as far as work is concerned. Just get on with it, do a good job then go on maternity leave - its as simple as that (unless you request not to do the cover for your own reasons)

Try and focus on the fact that is good news and will be lovely for you and your husband and other daughter.

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 06-Sep-07 13:51:46

You're not being dishonets. you don't have to tell them until you are 25 weeks pregnant.

how long is your boss taking off? will she be back before you go off? if not, try not to worry about what will happen and enjoy your pregnancy.

I hope you can cope with the extra responsibilities smile

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