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Livelovelife35 Sun 01-Mar-20 14:29:46

Went for a change in career and love it (went into care) but because I didn't think I could do that sort of thing I went for home care thinking I was going to get my hours I wanted better pay than my cleaning job and my own wee run of clients
So far I'm not getting my hours I'm getting put here and there when regular staff are off they dont know when I'll get my own run I'm worried about the pay as the hours I do can be different every week I got a payment there on the 12th feb and it wasnt for much no.idea what it was for. Was told by boss we get payed the 25th and when that came around there no pay to be told by office staff it's the 18th of every month confused. Com here
Contract states end of every month. He says hes not a agency even though he has the word in the work place title but keeps hiring staff and cant give proper hours.
I'm starting to think I should of went straight into a carehome as I would get my hours and know what I'm getting every month in wages plus I'll know my rota months ahead rather than waiting till end of every week to find out what iam the following week
It's a private company I work for the now and I'm sick with worry about money was looking forward to starting this job and all the promises but they haven't delivered anyone had this kind of experience

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flowery Sun 01-Mar-20 14:53:48

Are you looking for care home jobs? Normally the best advice is not to ‘job hop’, and stick it out for a while, but in circumstances where a job has been effectively miss-sold and you’re not getting the hours you need to make ends meet, there’s no shame in moving on quickly and you can be honest with new employers about why that is.

Livelovelife35 Sun 01-Mar-20 15:29:21

Yeah looking into carehome jobs.
I was in my last job for 14 years all in then needed a change and this this job and was thinking it was best thing but its turning out not to be struggling with money at the moment seeing as we have a wedding up coming so that's playing on my mind about paying the final balances off
Needed a new job that had better hours and money for lots of reasons
1.we needed better jobs to be secure a mortgage (that might be a struggle now if I cant guarantee hours/wages) for wedding be financial secure and be better off money wise

I've heard lots of people are leaving this company to go into carehomes or other jobs and haven't been in this place long either.
I love the care side and helping others and team work (no team work where Iam)

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