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Flippety151 Mon 17-Feb-20 13:41:20

I started a new job after Christmas, but really not enjoying it. The main reason is that my manager and I simply don't get along - she is always misunderstanding me and makes me feel like an idiot if I ask her a question. Last Wednesday, she properly humiliated me in front if the other team members (who I really like working with). I admit that I reacted really badly. I've been experiencing episodes of anxiety due to menopause....anyway, I burst into tears and walked out.

I signed myself off sick thurs and friday, and am on annual leave today. I've also had an interview for another job today, but won't find out until thursday.

The thought of going back freaks me out, and makes me feel really anxious. Should I keep signing myself off sick until Thursday - I'll know if I've got this other job by then....what do people think?

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navteexo Mon 17-Feb-20 19:36:56

Im sorry that you are feeling this way OP. If i were you, i would definitely keep getting signed off until Thursday. Why put yourself through something like that? Especially when shes humiliating you and making you feel uneasy. Good luck and i hope you get the other job hunni xx

Flippety151 Wed 19-Feb-20 18:19:38

Thanks sad

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Tanfastic Wed 19-Feb-20 18:41:14

I once had a boss like this, total nightmare she was, humiliated all the staff not just me and talked to me like a 3 year old as soon as I walked through the door on my first day.

I would leave, honestly she'll make your life a misery.

Hope you get the job 😔

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