Temp job v Permanent role

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browngirl40 Thu 13-Feb-20 21:04:15

I did a week trial in a potential permanent job, at the end of the week I was told there was doubts about me coping with the role and concern as if I did start the job and in a few months it didn't work out I'd have left a role I'm happy in. Which made me realise that I'd done the right thing in doing trial run.
Im working temp at the moment and can handle the job, theres no stress and I enjoy the company of my colleagues.
I've had contact since then with them offering me the role as they've interviewed everyone. Any thoughts? Would appreciate responses in private message if that's allowed?

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lavenderhidcote Fri 14-Feb-20 11:08:40

Sorry don't do PM. You don't say what your feelings are about the perm job, did YOU like it, do YOU think you would struggle to do it, do YOU want it now? However if I had been given that feedback I would have thanked my lucky stars for an easy escape and would be now telling them to stuff their job where the sun don't shine. There will be other jobs and I would stay where you are currently happy and keep looking.

browngirl40 Sat 15-Feb-20 21:27:50

I did enjoy the week, though theres only one lady working there, but there was boredom especially on the Friday as not much to do but he explained I wouldn't be bored. Think it's because they couldn't teach me much in the week.

I'm wondering about if I'd struggle with the job as tbh I do struggle with stress/anxiety. Have done in the past with different workplaces. In current workplace I'm fine.

But he did ask if I could do a months trial in the beginning which I defo couldn't do due to current work. Thing is I've been on countless interviews since last year and this is the only one where I've been offered the role.

The role is multi-tasking and I worry that would be too much at times. I've been looking into getting interview help but to get a professional to help me its over £200!

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