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eandz13 Sat 08-Feb-20 09:32:24

I have 2 pickles merged into 1.
1. So, mid December I had a job interview. Got a call back that night from the manager to offer me the job and told me to bring in my paperwork and ID and whatnot for DBS. I did so the next day and was told it could possibly take up to 12 weeks for the DBS to come back before I was given a start date; was reassured it doesn't usually take that long (it never has before for me, and I've had one relatively recently that had taken 2 weeks).
Waited a few weeks with no news. I called up around mid January to ask if there'd been any progress and was told manager "has found a new site to do DBS with that takes less time" which I immediately thought well, clearly she hasn't put anything through yet? Anywho, said ok, said I'd wait for phone call.
Still heard nothing back and they still have my documentation and ID (I've usually just had them photocopied). Rang them again yesterday and was told the manager wasn't in but she'd be contacting me 'very soon' - I've been waiting about 9 weeks at this point... it's not the whole 12 I suppose. Don't know if I'm being unreasonable to have expected something by now?
And problem 2. In this time I've discovered I'm pregnant (was on contraception. Big shock). Being pregnant won't affect my ability in this position in any way, but after researching thoroughly where I stand starting a new job whilst pregnant, most sites have said there's no reason to tell them before 25 weeks and they can't strike you off (obviously) for telling them. One of the questions my new manager asked me at the interview is if I was planning on having any more children. I'd replied in the future, not yet. I've since learned that it was actually illegal for her to ask me that hmm basically I feel like a bit of a turd if I dont tell them, but it was evident she didn't want potential time off getting in the way of employing someone (absolutely fair enough, but I need work!)
So essentially... what do I do? What would you do? Should I keep pestering them? Should I tell them I'm pregnant?

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jakeyboy1 Sat 08-Feb-20 10:47:59

They sound a bit dubious and to be honest if they are this bad with normal HR issues what will they be like with maternity?
What is the situation with current employer can you stay?

AlwaysCheddar Sun 09-Feb-20 07:19:43

Please tell me you haven’t left your original ID documents with them??? That’s a huge no no.

daisychain01 Sun 09-Feb-20 10:18:21

Are you currently employed, @eandz13 ? If so don't resign and definitely retrieve your documents. If they don't return them to you instantly tell them you'll report them to the police.

Definitely don't take up employment with the company under any circumstances. So many red flags. They are untrustworthy. Imagine telling them in due course that you're pg. they will be vile to you. Don't get involved to give them the opportunity. Yes they acted illegally asking you about your family plans, are they living in the 1950's?

Lesson learned don't ever leave original documents with anyone, they should photocopy them, preferably in your presence and return them. If they say they need to keep the originals, don't give them permission, they have no right to.

daisychain01 Sun 09-Feb-20 10:24:24

it was evident she didn't want potential time off getting in the way of employing someone (absolutely fair enough, but I need work!)

Please, @eandz13 get to know your worker and maternity rights.

It is not "fair enough" that they treated you like this. Without people like you to do the work, they don't have a business! They should treat you with respect.

If they are like this during the recruitment process, imagine how bad it will get if you were to have accepted an offer of work. Hopefully you'll keep looking, there are good employers out there with correct HR policies in place.

eandz13 Mon 10-Feb-20 08:09:27

@daisychain01 it didn't notify me there were replies! Yeah, I think I'm going to just call in and get my ID back at the least. I thought it bizarre that they didn't just photocopy them while I was there confused
I hadn't even considered it being dodgy to ask about me having more kids at the time of the interview, it only occurred to me after reading about the legalities!
It has confused me all the more though because they seem like a decent company and have excellent work place reviews.
I think I'll stick at my current place and just keep looking. Thank you for your advice. I can't imagine theyd be great with organising maternity after this, that's true.

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daisychain01 Mon 10-Feb-20 16:53:05

The trouble is, you never really know whether an employer is a good one until you have to 'put them to the test' and it appears they've failed badly.

I'm glad you can still stay where you are, and keep looking!

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