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Wherefromhere01 Thu 30-Jan-20 07:56:19

Im currently being bullied by my line manager. She has continued to add more and more work to my workload despite me informing her that I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed by my workload. She tells me to stop because she doesnt want to hear, that she hates the word busy and must protect her own time.

Yesturday i received an e-mail from her saying she coded things to the wrong account and for me to arrange for it to be recharged to the correct accounts.

I wouldnt normally have a problem with this but she has put me on a performance plan saying I'm making mistakes and my current workload is far too much for one person, without having to correct her mistakes. I don't get to take my lunch breaks and I work extra time before and after my working hours that Im paid for, because I can't get everything done during normal working hours.

I'm wondering if I should respond to my manager by saying, as you are aware I am currently overwhelmed with my workload and would therefore be grateful if you would arrange for the corrections to your miscoding on this occasion. Im nervous about doing this, but feel totally unwell and stressed with all the work I currently have to do and by her constant trying to find faults with my work.

Any advice please?

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maxelly Thu 30-Jan-20 11:42:24

I wouldn't do that, given her previous reactions. I probably would drop her a line saying that you have XYZ tasks to complete today/this week (as per the plan) with a time estimate of however many hours per task, and correcting the miscoding will take (however long) and therefore you can't complete it all by (whenever she wants it) - which would she prefer you to prioritise. That way you are not being awkward by refusing but highlighting that it is impossible to complete everything.

But also, I'd be looking for a new job! This one does not seem to be working well for anyone....

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