Maternity leave notice is getting ignored

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zarah21 Tue 28-Jan-20 20:43:10

Help please folks!!

I put in my mat leave notice via email with matb1 cert mid Nov, and am due to leave my job 14th Feb. Trouble is, they never responded. I got acknowledgment that I handed over the matb1 but never confirmation of dates, annual leave entitlement, money (although it will just by SMP). I have chased since both verbally and by email and have been left to feel a bit of a pain in the ass.

I work for a small company no HR, just a financial director who wears a lot of hats. She has said, since I chased, payroll sent her a form which she has completed and returned a week ago. This makes me think nothing at all was done before I officially chased her. My matb1 was probably collecting dust in a pile.

Now that was last week, does anyone know how long it should take for confirmation after payroll have received this form?

I'm rather worried about my situation. The last mama to "try" and return after mat leave was made redundant, hence why I really want to cross the t's, dot the i's, especially when it comes to my annual leave, which I expressed I want to few days I have accrued since Jan to be taken before. I'm being ignored.

Any advice? Xx

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Jess827 Wed 29-Jan-20 21:28:18

You need to escalate this. Call a meeting, phone call etc and say this needs attention to resolve before close of business by the end of the week or else you assume the following calculations apply (including, in writing a best guess about what your payments are, what your annual leave entitlement is, and copy yourself in at a private email do you have a copy).

Explain that you've been reasonable but this is a last ditch effort to get answers before you go off..if you're taking leave between now and mid feb it doesn't leave you any real time to actually get the answers and take leave. It's all too late.

You may want to mention (and do it) calling ACAS for free employee advice re where you stand legally.

It's ridiculous you're in this situation.

You need to get her to stop faffing about and let you know where you stand.

zarah21 Wed 29-Jan-20 23:27:22

Thanks so much for your reply Jess. I chased again today via email, I said I was concerned that I had no response to my notice and mentioned they were legally obliged to reply within 28 days. It went down like a lead balloon.

She came back with a massive feed, saying she is waiting for me to say how long I wanted. Something she never asked for ever (even when I chased her last week).

I went back again, saying the assumption should be 52 weeks unless I say otherwise.

Again, another massive feed response, excuse after excuse and a lot of blame game. "I said / you then said" blurb.

Asked me in for an informal chat (not witnessed) where she did apologise, but still more blame game. I literally was hysterically crying and shaking, I couldn't believe how she was being with me. I'm now hating the thought of having to go back tomorrow.

She said it's with payroll still.

My point was what did you do with my matb1 in Nov when it was handed over? Why the delay? No response.

I would love to shave a week off my time left, say work up until 7th feb, but I'm too late (within the 28 days notice I needed to give) I hate that is seems one rule for them, one rule for me.

She was shocked at my reaction (I mean, I am hormonal) but really, after making the last girl redundant I'm shocked they wouldn't want to make me feel "safer" in the workplace. I'm so stressed.

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Jess827 Thu 30-Jan-20 08:25:10

So, the situation is not resolved, you should call ACAS for free advice now:

Jess827 Thu 30-Jan-20 08:26:30

I wouldn't assume you're too late, if their unprofessional conduct means you can't do something I honestly wouldn't stress too much about playing per the policy or regulation without speaking to ACAS first.

You have rights. Use them.

Laylor Thu 30-Jan-20 10:10:06

Hope you managed to sort it. I experienced the exact same problems as you. I was chasing weekly to no avail. Not even a response to any of my emails it was so draining and I work for a very big known company where there are numerous members of staff in the HR department. I eventually forwarded my emails to the company director and got my response within 25 mins. Really hope you get this sorted. This is the last thing you need. I'd leave a week early. Get signed off sick- fuck em. 😊😊

ChicCroissant Thu 30-Jan-20 10:20:35

Have you booked the holiday then, OP? Because that may focus their minds a bit more actually. I'd use whatever holiday booking system you'd normally use.

If you are signed off sick with pregnancy-related symptoms in the last four weeks of your pregnancy, maternity leave will start anyway.

RoomR0613 Thu 30-Jan-20 10:28:06

I'm not sure what confirmation you are waiting for? Surely if you have agreed a finish date of the 14th Feb with your manager its confirmed?

It's your responsibility to confirm the date you are finishing. Your leave entitlement will remain the same as when you are in work and if you know you are only getting SMP I'm not sure what you are waiting for them to confirm regarding money?

zarah21 Sat 01-Feb-20 09:53:52

Thanks all for your replies and support.

I have finally recieved a formal letter detailing date of return, annual leave allowance (which they stipulate due to company policy can't be carried over into 2021 - I thought they weren't allowed to do that, but as they say they will pay me it in December 2020, I'm fine with it) and my pay, and although SMP, I got a breakdown of payment due each month - which does differ based on 4 or 5 week payroll, so I'm glad I held out for it all.

She didnt mention my wanting annual leave beforehand, I think they really need me to stay on until the end and hope it will fizzle out. Which really, I guess if I can try and hold off, I will be better off for it, in monetary terms at least.

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zarah21 Sat 01-Feb-20 10:02:59

@RoomR0613 I take your point entirely, but it cant be that much to ask for an employer to do the needful when it comes to a pregnant employee? I mean, we have to give our matb1 by a certain date and adhere to those rules. Surely this is beneficial for the company too?

My leave was never agreed, I said via email when I wanted to leave and got an initial response saying you will get a reply. That's all. I thought it was all up in the air.

I wanted everything in writing so there's no blurred lines, at one point, I was told I'd only get 25 days annual leave. I had to go back and ask her to clarify that as bank hols should be included. I guess I feel you cant just rely on people to do it right. Get it in writing, make sure you are happy. That was my stand on it. And it can't be too much to ask, surely? Like I said, the last preggo was made redundant so they have form - this was in some way better for my mental health.

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zarah21 Sun 02-Feb-20 08:33:46

Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm due my 3 year bonus of £1k in June to spend at my company, when I'm on mat leave. The letter doesnt mention this. What would you do? Just request at the 3 year stage?

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TreeTopTim Sun 02-Feb-20 09:01:32

I didn't get any info about my maternity leave until I had started it. Not sure if this was because I gave birth early or the way my employer does things.

RandomMess Sun 02-Feb-20 09:09:32

With their track record I would mention the 3 year bonus now, ask how long you have to spend it etc.

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