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Can I segue parental leave into ML?

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ravenAK Fri 31-Aug-07 20:18:52

The kids' CM & I are each expecting our 3rd child. She's due in December, I'm due in March.

CM says she'll work up till the last minute, but these things aren't always predictable! She then wants 2 months off following the birth of 3rd dc.

By the time she's ready to resume work (say Feb) I'll be on ML & we'll probably agree something like she looks after my two on different days.

& by the time I go back to work next September, ds will be starting school, so CM will have dd & dc3 for me.

The problem is December (or earlier if CM needs or decides to stop work earlier), through till February.

Could I take (unpaid) parental leave, on the basis that I have a temporary childcare crisis, then subsequently start ML?

My boss is noticeably arsey about flexible working for parents generally, so I'd probably need a copper bottomed entitlement to brandish at him iyswim...

(CM is fantastic btw, kids love her & she's a family friend. We definitely want to keep her on side!)


Niecie Fri 31-Aug-07 20:23:14

Don't know if it is copper bottomed but my DH has been doing a contract where he was covering for a woman who was on ML and she had ML followed by PL. I think that if you give the required notice there isn't much anybody can say. I am not expert though but it has been done.

chocolatekimmy Fri 31-Aug-07 20:48:28

You could apply (if you have a years continuous service) for a maximum of 4 weeks in any one year.

The business can postpone it if they think the business will be disrupted by you taking the time off when you wish. I am wondering what the Company does and if December would be a peak trading month for example in which case they could turn you down. They do have to discuss with you and offer an alternative date within 6 months but that might not be any good for your circumstances.

All you can do is ask, put a formal request in writing and explain that you are applying under parental leave regulations

ravenAK Fri 31-Aug-07 21:01:31

Thanks. My understanding was the entitlement was for 13 weeks - although IF it went over 4 weeks you could in theory be offered an equivalent job rather than your own job back.

I'm a teacher, so it'd effectively mean getting cover in from December rather than February. So it wouldn't have an impact on a business as such.

I've worked there for 7 years, so I should be as entitled as it gets!

The other option, I suppose, is PL in December > Xmas holidays > early ML.

Another question: how much notice do I have to give? Would rather not commit myself immediately as there is a possibility of CM's sister (also a CM) stepping into the breach.

chocolatekimmy Fri 31-Aug-07 22:15:51

13 weeks total before the childs 5th birthday (or 18th if disabled). Only blocks of a whole week (days only if disabled) and maximum 4 weeks per year.

It is per child so if you have 2 other children you could get 8 weeks potentially. You have to give 21 days notice but check if they have their own policy.

ravenAK Fri 31-Aug-07 22:23:18

Thanks chocolatekimmy - if it comes to it I'll just have to take December as PL, then have the Xmas hols, then very early ML I suppose.

OTOH it would mean only 3 months work to go! grin

chocolatekimmy Fri 31-Aug-07 22:26:28

just be cautious with regard to them having a business reason to turn it down at that particular time - its not guaranteed!

Good luck

Monkeybar Fri 31-Aug-07 22:31:18

But with PL being 4 weeks per year, could you do 4 weeks this December, then 4 weeks next Jan (which I realise uses your 2008 entitlement up) but then if you're heading for Maternity leave anyway, would this cause you huge problems?

ravenAK Fri 31-Aug-07 22:36:58

That's a good thought monkeybar.

Tbh it's all a bit of a Doomsday scenario - we'd struggle financially if I had to take that much time off unpaid just before ML...but if CM's sister isn't able to take the kids I think we'll have to do something along those lines. Not keen to put them in a nursery/with a CM they don't know, just before a 3rd dc comes along - even assuming I could find one willing to take them short term.

(I suppose dh would also get 4 weeks, but frankly, if we're going to be skint it's going to be ME getting the time off! grin)

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