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anything i can do working from home - not selling?

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knat Thu 30-Aug-07 17:37:06

I've got another year before dd starts school and i'd like to earn some money in the meantime anyideas - wouldnt be any good at selling but really need something to do from home? Thanks

smeeinit Thu 30-Aug-07 23:21:56


littlemissbossy Fri 31-Aug-07 19:42:22

Ironing service?

collision Fri 31-Aug-07 19:45:43

I have just got myself a job working from home and let me tell you that it aint as easy as it sounds!!

At least when you go to work you dont have the noise of children but when you work from home you have the noise and the work to do!!

BrownSuga Fri 31-Aug-07 19:47:35

typing/secretarial? some small businesses can't afford to have people full time doing it.

Judy1234 Fri 31-Aug-07 19:56:11

I nearly typed prostitution. Bad me.

What about writing? Try to pick something that pays quite well.

twentypence Fri 31-Aug-07 20:00:55

I teach music from home - but I guess you would have already thought about that if you had been qualified for it.

Initially you will have to sell something - yourself!

Can you do book keeping, are you crafty? What did you do before dd?

hippipotami Fri 31-Aug-07 20:02:02

Xenia - try to pick something that pays quite well ??hmm
Nope, I thought I would pick something that pays next to nothing and do it for the love of it wink

nappyneeds Fri 31-Aug-07 22:06:43

i agree with collison - its not as easy as it sounds working at home (although im a retailer so its a bit different)

I think a job working from home has to be something you enjoy and comes from the heart as its difficult enough to motivate at the best of times - sooo easy to get distracted at home with tv, telephone and a cup of tea a second away

islandofsodor Fri 31-Aug-07 22:48:09

We partly work from home and whilst it is OK if you have a small baby who naps it is impossible to do with small children and no childcare.

There is virtually no legit wfh opportunities unless you are aready working for an employer or start up your own business and then you have to sell your service.

Flibbertyjibbet Fri 31-Aug-07 23:03:02

Part of my self employment I can do from home but I have to do it virtually in the middle of the night when kids in bed and jobs done.
Can't think of anything you could do from home with a child about thats not selling.

twentypence Fri 31-Aug-07 23:09:48

What about selling all your dd's old clothes and stuff on Ebay? It will keep you plenty busy, you'll make a bit of cash, but I would think that most people that wouldn't want to cold call, or sell face to face are okay to do an internet auction.

It will also mean you have a tidy and clutter free home when she starts school!

collision Fri 31-Aug-07 23:27:07

i work for a promotions company and have been doing the promotions in store

(lots of jobs going around the country too!)

but the person who employed me asked if I wanted to help out with the timetable, calling samplers, fitting them into the matrix and sorting out problems etc

So far this week i have done 38 hours(!) and that is without doing the sampling!! I am being paid an hourly rate and so am raking it in but it has taken over. Fortunately I have been able to do things with the boys in the morning and early afternoon, exhausted them (and myself), put a DVD on for them and gone to work about 3.30pm and DH comes home at 4pm and can sort them out from there while I work.

So far it has been great but the children do demand attention (quite rightly as they are 2 and 5) and it can be quite draining.

itwasntme Fri 31-Aug-07 23:34:10

My dh and I both work from home.

He's a project manager, and all of his company's employees work from home.

I'm a freelance translator/proofreader.

It's fine when I have childcare, but it's really really hard if dd is at home.

Hurlyburly Fri 31-Aug-07 23:48:27

LOL at prostitution suggestion. LOLOL.

But if following that advice, please do make sure you charge enough. Don't sell yourself cheap.

knat Sat 01-Sep-07 13:26:23

i used to do secretarial/pa work so did think along those lines. Am into knitting and thinking of making some little shoes for upto 12 month olds - i've found some lovely patterns and though they might be something that would sell.

Looking on line at wfh opportunities i've come across data input but again i'm not sure how many of these are legitimate. Thanks for the suggestions - i dont think prostitution would earn me very much - would end up paying them i think!!!!!

nappyneeds Sat 01-Sep-07 21:07:45

collison - i want a job like that! Ive been taking my son to yugioh promotions held within woolworths and the lady there is just a 'promoter' paid to work but kind of self employed i believe. Id love a job like that. Did you say theres lots of jobs like yours? Do you have details? or know where to find them? grin

Judy1234 Sat 01-Sep-07 22:03:35

£200 an hour for some services not that I'm speaking from experience. What about something like teaching music from home and tutoring which my ex husband did from home at various times and also exam paper marking I've done before - used to pay for our summer holidays.

twentypence Sat 01-Sep-07 23:01:39

I interviewed for doing court transcripts at home. My test was full of welsh accents and so I got some crucial words wrong and failed but I don't have an audio typing background.

You could do it in your pyjamas or in the middle of the night though...

LaDiDaDi Sat 01-Sep-07 23:06:20

I was reading my local paper today and the Homemaker, ie property section, had a bit about a local estate agent having homeworkers. From what I could tell they did valuing, property finding and chasing up chains. Seems like a good idea as lots of that would be work over the phone or online.

Estate agent was Keith Pattinson though I think they are local, not national.

collision Sun 02-Sep-07 22:08:43

Nappyneeds I have CATd you

nappyneeds Mon 03-Sep-07 23:43:55

err... CAT'd - help please - where do I go to read that?? and thanks in advance smile

martakruba Thu 28-Sep-17 20:44:57

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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