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Grrrr! Does anyone feel like they've been working the arse off and yet still not achieved anything?

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digitalgirl Thu 30-Aug-07 11:26:47

Having a bit of a low moment with work. I left a full-time job last year to go freelance, fell into a routine with a small company I'm trying to help expand - so now do three days a week with them. Have had so many knock backs lately that I'm starting to doubt I'm any good at what I'm doing. Have now been offered a couple of weeks work at the end of Sept somewhere else which will be a good wedge of cash but not lead to anything other than awkwardness with my main employer and potentially my realisation that i've wasted everybody's time over the last 12 months and that I should go and get a proper job with a big corporation again.

Do I take the two week job, have a change of scene and risk pissing off my main source of income? Or do I 'get over myself' and try and muster up the enthusiasm to throw myself back into building something which if it works will mean I can write my own job description and become a partner in the company.

(Also feel a fraud being on mn as I'm not even a mum yet, ttc my first)

WideWebWitch Thu 30-Aug-07 19:12:59

Take the 2 week job as holiday, I would. That's a risk free option.

And use the time away to a) come up with a game plan, i.e. decide what you need from the first company in order to make a go of it and b) whether they'll give it to you and c) what your options are if they don't. and d) how you're going to pitch it to them.

digitalgirl Sun 02-Sep-07 17:47:32

thanks www! Have been thinking of a game plan over the weekend. unfortunately it's looking like I won't be able to take the 2 week job as it's smack bang in the middle of my biggest budget project with first company (stupid clients and their last minute changes). would be stupid of me to bail now. after this project I'll be in a much better position to forward plan and negotiate. these things are always just round the corner...

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