Redundant again!

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niceredjumper Fri 03-Jan-20 18:17:56

Just been told I'm being made redundant at the end of the month. This is the second time in fourteen months.

So down in the dumps and know its going to be hard to find another job at my age. Any words of advice?

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Mums1234 Sat 04-Jan-20 07:58:49

I don't think you have any rights as you have been there less than 2 years.

The jobs market has been awful with the political uncertainty, so hopefully it will be better this year.

When you find your new job, it may take a while to feel settled though as you have had a tough time.

Danzudogs2 Mon 06-Jan-20 09:13:16

Sadly I don't have any advice as I have never had a career and employment has been patchy. I'm unemployable, so you are at a distinct advantage.
Every so often I get really depressed about this and embark on some sort of education programme which I am never able to go forward with as my situation is simply not geared up for me doing anything apart from driving children around and doing the laundry. I have started and dropped out of proof reading, college, Open University and Open University again. It's always a knee jerk reaction to panic about my situation and serious worry about the future. We are drifting dangerously close to an old age in the middle of nowhere in a crumbling house with no income and I am terrified.
I have finally accepted that studying is absolutely not the answer as it will not result in a job so I have given up on the whole thing.
It must be a real blow to be made redundant especially at this time of year. Future employees won't hold it against you though and unlike me, at least there is a point to looking for another job.
good luck

niceredjumper Mon 06-Jan-20 10:47:40

Danz - Thanks for your message. Sorry things have been so tough for you. I've worked for the last 36 years but think I'm going to find it hard to find another position.

Never mind, onwards and upwards! I'm going to apply for anything remotely suitable and fingers crossed something will turn up.

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niceredjumper Mon 06-Jan-20 13:58:27

Danz - thank you for message and sorry things have been tough for you. Have worked for 35 years but think it may be hard to find another job now.

But onwards and upwards! Going to apply for anything remotely suitable ad see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

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