Two job offers: how to choose

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outherealone Mon 23-Dec-19 20:09:56

I already posted this in aibu but wondered. If more worky experts might be in here:

What would you do if you had to choose from two job offers.
Background, I am single mum with disabilities. I struggle with fatigue and mobility as well as some cognitive stuff.

Job 1.
Charity work.
Permanent contract
Much more money than current job, more distance from home,
tricky journey which adds time to my working day and harder to collect kids in time from childcare.
job needs commitment to office hours and doesn’t offer much flexibility.
Environment is very much set up for people with disabilities and very understanding and supportive.
I have all the experience required to do the job.

Job 2.
Local government
Less money than current role and less money than Job 1, no chance of pay rise as starting on top increment
Slightly more holiday, increasing over five years
Very close to home, straightforward journey.
Would cut an hour off my current day and give more time to me and the kids.
Environment is welcoming but the physical set up is not great and very much in need of upgrade.
I have perfect experience for the role, my background fits but there’s aspects of the job I know I’ll find tricky and i have limited / no experience in.
Very flexible and supportive of the needs of parents in terms of time out for kids and flexibile working.

Please help me to choose as do not want to leave either of them in the dark, I struggle to make decisions like this , I’m on my own and my disability affects contrition and makes it hard for me to focus.

Thank you

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melissasummerfield Mon 23-Dec-19 20:11:49

I would take job 2 as flexibility when you have young children is so valuable in my experience smile

Blueroses99 Mon 23-Dec-19 20:20:23

Job 2. The flexibility and shorter travel would mean better quality of life with DC and hopefully would reduce the fatigue. Aspects of the job that are tricky would be a reasonable compromise for those benefits

outherealone Mon 23-Dec-19 21:54:17

Thank you for replies, I really need to come back to them with a decision tomorrow, I don’t want to be difficult! But I also don’t want to be stuck with no money in a job which turns out to be too hard!
I hate being on my own with decisions like this!

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flowery Mon 23-Dec-19 22:36:58

I’d go for job 1. I love working for charities and I’d need at least triple the money to consider public sector. You may not be the same though! grin And flexibility very valuable I appreciate.

outherealone Mon 23-Dec-19 22:38:07

I love charity work too, normally much more varied. I’ve done extensive charity and public sector, they both get their pound of flesh!

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outherealone Tue 24-Dec-19 10:57:30

I have made the decision!!!
Job 2!
Based on mental and physical health
Thanks everyone! X

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Blueroses99 Tue 24-Dec-19 11:04:15

Good luck with the new job flowers

outherealone Tue 24-Dec-19 11:07:19

Thank you so much 😊

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daisychain01 Tue 24-Dec-19 18:18:30

Was just about to say Job 2, so I'm pleased you made the right choice for you!

Public sector have processes in place to support disability, it's a well-trodden path. I know there have been cases on here where public sector workers with disabilities have not been well supported, but when you think how many people are employed in PS that's by far the minority.

Merry Christmas 🎄

TheOrigFV45 Tue 24-Dec-19 18:31:08

I would have said job 2 (as I see you have). Flexibility, shorter commute etc is worth money IYKWIM.

Landlubber2019 Tue 24-Dec-19 18:37:53

Congratulations, I love working close to home and whilst I was always happy to commute + 1hr each way, i much prefer to earn less and get home in 10 minutes

outherealone Tue 24-Dec-19 18:54:57

Oh wow! Thanks everyone!
I have told a few people irl and they’ve been clearly shocked. It’s very difficult to explain how much a disability and single parenthood can be affected by work and a long day and hard commute etc.
Had I been in full health maybe I’d have gone purely for the money.
I love that I can share this stuff on here as nobody close in my life at home like family or partner etc and I was so conflicted! Of course I’d love more money, we could do so much more with our lives but I’d be lying for it dearly!

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