Constructive dismissal claim

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Suchamess123 Thu 19-Dec-19 21:34:35

Does anyone know if there's a time limit for making a claim for constructive dismissal?

Long story short, I left an incredibly stressful job earlier this year because it was making me seriously ill. I requested a flexible working arrangement that was ignored and my manager was worse than useless. I went from senior management to a job as a cleaner because I couldn't cope with work anymore.

I'd been with the company a shade over two years.

Anyone with any advice please?

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MrsPinkCock Thu 19-Dec-19 22:06:19

You have three months from your last day in employment to get in contact with ACAS which is the first step in making a claim. The limitation periods in the ET are very short.

There is a three year time limit on work related stress (personal injury) claims in the county courts, though.

prh47bridge Thu 19-Dec-19 22:23:05

Constructive dismissal claims are very difficult to win. The company refusing flexible working arrangements is unlikely to be constructive dismissal, nor is an incompetent manager. It needs to be a serious breach of contract by the employer. You may have a better chance with a claim for work related stress.

Suchamess123 Fri 20-Dec-19 08:34:40

Thanks for the advice, I'm too late for constructive dismissal. It wasn't just the refusal for flex working or the incompetent manager that caused my problems, there were many many issues that mean I still can't operate properly even now, eight months on. I'll have to consider if the stress of a personal injury claim is worth it. Thanks for your replies.

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daisychain01 Sun 22-Dec-19 09:25:34

I'll have to consider if the stress of a personal injury claim is worth it.

Hopefully in the time it took you to type this, you will have decided that taking out a personal injury claim (based on the information you've given here) really isn't advisable. Arduous, expensive and stressful with very low likelihood of coming out as a nett beneficiary.

Better to try and rebuild your career. If you were in a management role you'll already have qualifications and experience, so that's a good starting point. If you're still off work, try some additional online training, to get you back into the right mindset.

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