Am I being discriminated against?

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TheStaff Thu 19-Dec-19 18:17:54

I work as a civil servant (bottom of the heap, poor pay and conditions), but we receive plenty of info/emails/intranet articles/training about diversity, inclusion etc but it is not evident in practice.
There are 2 females in our department, although all are tasked with 'domestic tasks' only the females do it. I had a massive (because the men never do it) 'end of year' domestic task to do yesterday, the only other colleague (male) was given the afternoon off on flexi.
I asked to take New Year's Day off as flexi or as annual leave and was told I couldn't, despite the department/building being shut. I work part-time so it will be one of my non-working days (I work different days each week). I will be working on other days that week to support (the massively useless manager).
Sorry to be blunt but it seems like the men (fairly useless individuals admittedly) get what they want and the hard working, capable women get to do extra work and aren't given the same privileges.

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underneaththeash Thu 19-Dec-19 23:40:40

One example isn't enough. If you document it over the next 12 months you may have a case. But document everything, roles dates, duties etc.

BackforGood Thu 19-Dec-19 23:51:27

SOunds like there are all sorts of odd things going on, which have nothing to do with your sex.
Why are you being expected to work on NYD if the Dept / Building is shut ?
How can it be a NWD, if you work different days each week? Surely you must have 'core days' if you aren't on a regular shift pattern?
Having a 'massively useless manager' is presumably the same for everyone
What do you mean by "domestic tasks" ? Is this part of the job, or do you mean things like emptying the dishwasher in the staffroom ?

We can't say if you are being discriminated against or not, on the little information you've given us.

Isleepinahedgefund Fri 20-Dec-19 07:31:27

NYD is a bank hol, so it will be covered by your pro rata privilege leave allowance, so you don't need to take any time off to have the day off (and your office is closed too). Your manager has probably given out so much leave over Xmas he couldn't afford to have you being off too. Did you ask later than everyone else? Bad planning yes, unfair yes, discrimination is a bit of a leap.

Of course your male colleague had to take flexi if he wanted a working day off - presumably he asked in advance?

I think you have to tread carefully before making an accusation of discrimination. Have you compared notes with your female colleagues? Is their perception the same? Do others outside your team see it? If your manager is sexist, it's probably an "open secret" because it's so obvious. I've always know who the office sexists are.

Also, bottom of the heap you may be, low paid you may be but your terms and conditions are not poor. At least 25 days a/l increasing to 30, plus 9 bank hols and privilege days, plus good sick pay/flexible working/flexi time is hardly poor. (Also a Civil Servant by the way).

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