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Firstimer703 Thu 19-Dec-19 16:59:08

A week after starting work with my employer, I was asked to revise what for them is a major new project and submit it for funding which was successful. Immediately, it became clear to me that I wasn't going to get support from head office to deliver this and it meant significant additional responsibility for me. After a couple of months, I asked to have my role re-evaluated to reflect my new responsibilities. After another 18 months, I was told this was unsuccessful as it was nothing more than would be expected at my level. Now, we have a new UK level Director and last week, she took over responsibility for the project. This is exactly where I think responsibility should sit but surely shows I've been delivering above my grade for the last 2 years. Any thoughts on what I can do?

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Isleepinahedgefund Fri 20-Dec-19 07:48:03

In my last role I was working a grade above my pay grade and was genuinely doing 3 people's jobs. Similar to you I had to entirely design and deliver a huge project. The workload was fine to be honest (I'm fast and efficient and I like to be busy/challenged) but the money aspect annoyed me greatly as it was about a £10k pay difference

I asked about role re-evaluation and was told they thought it was work commensurate to my existing grade, but I could ask if I wanted.

I realised that I wouldn't get anywhere with it as I didn't have anyone in senior management supporting me, so I chose to leave (pretty quickly) and get a job doing 1 person's work at the higher grade for £10k more.

What they realised during my handover period is that I really WAS doing 3 people's jobs - but rather than upgrade my post they asked me to rewrite the job description before we advertised the vacancy, to make it grade appropriate - which involved removing a lot of the more interesting responsibilities from the role. They then distributed the higher grade work amongst people at that grade. This was also the most likely outcome of a re-evaluation exercise had I stayed in the post.

Having the experience working at the higher grade did allow me to move on/up very quickly, as the work I did was very high profile and I produced impressive results in a very short time (6 months) - an excellent career builder.

daisychain01 Sat 21-Dec-19 04:04:48

This is exactly where I think responsibility should sit but surely shows I've been delivering above my grade for the last 2 years. Any thoughts on what I can do?

So if you've been working on this project for 2 years and it still hasn't delivered yet, and this new manager comes in and takes it over, I'd be mighty pissed off having to hand over a project that's in its latter stages and haven't received any acknowledgement for what has been delivered.

If you plan to stay in your role, with reduced responsibility, I'd be looking for a vacancy at the higher grade and using your 2 years of experience to evidence your capability.

If there are no new openings in the near term, I'd get your CV out into the open market and move. If they don't value your contributions and talent then it isn't worth wasting any more of your career time there. Go where you'll be appreciated!

Firstimer703 Sat 21-Dec-19 22:24:07

@daisychain01 @Isleepinahedgefund thanks both for responding. Priority for 2020 is a new job but it saddens me because I've achieved loads for them and it hasn't been appreciated. Where I am in life right now, I would love to stay there for a bit longer but it's completely demoralising to have this happen so think I have to go before they destroy my confidence!

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