To go for the same job as somebody else?

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Louisesp82 Wed 18-Dec-19 17:03:12

I returned to help out recently at a department which i was previouy seconded to for several months. I would have loved to gave stayed, however when a vacancy arose there was a drop in hours, so didnt apply for it.
Whilst helping out, the manager told me about a more senior vacancy which I would have loved to apply for.
However, someone is helping the department at present, and has expressed that he is very keen for the role. We got on well, and I didn't say that i would like to apply too. If I did, would this be stepping on his toes, due to how much he wants the role? Am conflicted whether I should apply or not thinking I would necessarily get it over him , however this may make things awkward of i did get the post..any comments most welcome smile

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user1483387154 Wed 18-Dec-19 17:04:08


Hirsutefirs Wed 18-Dec-19 17:09:52

Comes down to whether or not you’re soft in the head, I’d say.

TheTruthAboutLove Wed 18-Dec-19 17:10:04

Why wouldn’t you apply for the job? You’ve been invited to apply by the manager of the department!

If they are any sort of colleague they would understand, and it will be the best person for the role - he will have just as much a chance to impress as you do.

100% go for it.

Hoppinggreen Wed 18-Dec-19 17:11:27

So you think that he wouldn’t apply just because he knew you had?
Apply or you are daft

EL8888 Wed 18-Dec-19 17:15:01

Go for it. Ok someone else is interested but l say let the best candidate win!

RaininSummer Wed 18-Dec-19 17:16:37

If you didn't apply then somebody else altogether got the role I think you would be annoyed that you let the chance go - apply.


Undies1990 Wed 18-Dec-19 17:23:36

Please apply. You need to put yourself and your career first in these situations. Work is work; you're not there to necessarily make friends. Good luck, go for it!

KellyHall Wed 18-Dec-19 17:25:13

Apply. You don't owe the other person anything.

flyingchip Wed 18-Dec-19 17:26:22

Always put yourself first in your career, everyone else will!

Loveislandaddict Wed 18-Dec-19 17:26:39

Apply, there’s no guarantee the other person will get it anyway. There may be others also applying for it.

UpperLowercaseSymbolNumber Wed 18-Dec-19 17:26:48

It’s a job not the last after eight mint, it isn’t a question of manners.

If you like the job then apply, why should you stand aside?

mistermagpie Wed 18-Dec-19 17:28:41

Go for it, you don't owe anybody anything and would be silly to miss out. He might not even get it!

To make you feel better, I work at the same place as my husband and we went for the same promotion earlier this year! He got it (he was more qualified to be fair) but there were no hard feelings.

WireBrushAndDettolMaam Wed 18-Dec-19 17:29:53

If I did, would this be stepping on his toes, due to how much he wants the role?

Who cares? confused you want it too. Why would his wants trump yours? Female socialisation at play right there!

Louisesp82 Wed 18-Dec-19 17:39:42

Wow..this has made me see things clearer..will definately apply (and thank you!)

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BubblesBuddy Thu 19-Dec-19 00:41:43

He wants the role - so as a dutiful female you step aside to give him a clear run at it? Why would you be such a wuss? What about you wanting it more than him? Step up and go for it. Won’t the person who said you should apply think you are not aspirational if you don’t go for it?

In office reorganisation scenarios, applying for jobs and competing against colleagues is normal.

GingleJangleScarecrow Thu 19-Dec-19 10:52:30

Well, it is actually the law that only one person can ever apply for a job that is advertised no it isn't

Good luck!

Pilot12 Thu 19-Dec-19 11:09:37

Apply, there will be other applicants besides you two, they'll have lots of people to choose from and the Bosses will choose the person they think will do the job best, it could be one of you or neither.

Letthemysterybe Thu 19-Dec-19 11:13:51

A man would never step back just to be polite/to avoid offending anyone. APPLY!! DO IT!!

flowery Thu 19-Dec-19 16:02:47

”To go for the same job as somebody else?”

Just read that back to see how bonkers it is! It would be very unusual to apply for any job that no one else wants. Usually there are loads of applicants and of course many of them will really really want it! Luckily, jobs don’t go to whoever wants it the most!

anxioussue Thu 19-Dec-19 16:04:10

Apply, he won't not apply because you want the job.

Louisesp82 Sun 22-Dec-19 14:50:51

Have applied smile

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BubblesBuddy Sun 22-Dec-19 18:36:45

Well done. Good luck.

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