Can I remain on sick leave for the duration of the notice period?

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Hellobee Fri 13-Dec-19 00:47:16

Can I resign or request a career break during long term sickness leave?

Can I remain on sick leave for the duration of the notice period (one month)?

Can I request a career break while on sick leave?

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cabbageking Fri 13-Dec-19 02:45:43

You are employed and retained the same rights whether sick or at work.
You can remain sick in your notice period with a doctor's note as for any sick period over 7 days.

flowery Fri 13-Dec-19 06:42:08

You can resign whenever you like.

If you are not fit for work during your notice period and have the appropriate certification of that, then you’ll be off sick.

A career break isn’t a legal entitlement so you’ll need to check your employer’s policy for the rules on it.

LIZS Fri 13-Dec-19 07:04:02

A career break scheme will vary from one employer to another and takes a while to set up. There is also the presumption you would return. If you are resigning it would not be applicable. Do you mean gardening leave, ie you are on notice but not working?

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