Anyone work for ASDA?

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Wasrelaxing Thu 12-Dec-19 16:08:09

My son is 16, he took a temp job with Asda for 12 weeks, they then extended his contract and it finishes in a couple of weeks. He has just had a letter inviting him to a meeting to discuss his contract and whether or not it will end.
He is now worried that he is going to lose the job - he loves it.
Can anyone who works for Asda if this is normal procedure? I would have thought if they were not renewing his contract he would have just got a letter saying thanks and goodbye???

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muddledmidget Thu 12-Dec-19 16:15:36

Never worked for Asda but have worked for one of the other big supermarkets. I'd think its more likely they want to keep him on but possibly discuss alternative hours as the hours they need in the summer holidays and Christmas season aren't the hours they need all year round, so it might be reduced hours/different days/training on a different department. Where I worked there wasn't really an invitation to a meeting if you weren't being kept on, more called into the office near the end of a contract and told straight away

TreeTopTim Thu 12-Dec-19 16:21:41

Retail after Christmas is known to be very quiet in January so you may find that if your ds is not kept on now he may get a call back in a couple of weeks when it picks up again and invited back. Each store is different so there is no definite way to tell. When does he have his meeting?

Wasrelaxing Thu 12-Dec-19 16:31:13

He doesn't have long to wait, it's on Sunday.

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Willow2017 Thu 12-Dec-19 16:47:36

It's possible that they actually need staff after Xmas and the company have only just agreed to keeping staff on. My local. Asda does this
(They are desperate for staff for normal times but company won't employ them till after Xmas, my friend works there. It's too keep up the public image of not letting staff go while other supermarkets have due to slump in profits but they expect regular staff to cover the shortfall.)
Fingers crossed that he will get asked to stay on and it's to discuss new contract starting date and which hours They need him for as it may be different to what he is currently doing after Xmas/NY madness. If they were letting him go I don't think they would bother with a meeting.

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