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MercedesDeMonteChristo Wed 11-Dec-19 12:50:58

I need to make a decision about an offer I have received. I am broadly happy in my current role and usually turn down interviews but this one interested me and I have now been offered so am really just comparing against my existing role. I am a PA for context.

Current role
- salaried and decent
- permanent (but I usually contract and actively prefer it and my employer knows that)
- small organisation of c. 20 people
- company has just made a pretty substantial loss this year
- lack of decision making amongst leadership which has led to some really negative vibes in the office but I have an incredible working relationship with the CEO which I value
- said CEO is leaving though and I don't know how I will gell with the new one though they will meet with me before they start. I also don't know if they might prefer a full time assistant etc.
- I have a fantastic relationship with the Board(s) and my role involves direct contact with lots of our stakeholders and is a social/networking role which I enjoy
- its not for profit so there is no money to make the improvements that we need to make staff feel valued and happier though we do try very hard
- We've got a new office which has improved dynamics but I had to manage this on a very tiny budget and fight for even small budgets to improve things
- part time with lots and lots of flex (maybe too much)
- bureaucratic in the extreme
- c. 40 min direct bus journey
- I am aware that there may be redundancies and an immediate hiring freeze so we will not be able to replace colleagues who have and are leaving and we are very stretched
- I love quite a few of the people I work with but all are attempting to leave
- Very social which I enjoy (but I have an active social life so don't 'need' it)

New role
- day rate equal to salary
- maternity contract for a year (I'm comfortable with this)
- incredibly successful finance company, people know it when I mention the name (though I didn't)
- more desk based admin rather than client facing
- fixed part time hours with less flex
- c. 50 people in stunning offices
- less chit chat and more heads down as mostly traders
- role is working with senior leadership when over from the US and the rest of the time helping out
- free breakfast and lunch
- 20-30 min direct tube ride
- fast paced and constant change
- paid over time during the weeks the US SMT are visiting
- I've had a role that is more desk based before and because the pace was so fast i really liked it even though I enjoy the front facing nature of my current role

I have 3 school aged DC and am studying if that makes any difference.

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MercedesDeMonteChristo Wed 11-Dec-19 13:06:15

Gosh, that was long. Thanks for reading if you got to the end.

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EBearhug Thu 12-Dec-19 07:58:58

Which bits are making you hesitate?

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