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What DOES constitute grounds for a formal grievance?

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bohemianbint Thu 23-Aug-07 13:06:32


As you might know, I posted this last week re my specific situation.

It looks like legally my boss was on think ground until yesterday when he backtracked just enough to cover his slimy arse but not enough to benefit me at all.

So if I can't get him on that, can I file a formal grievance for any of the following:

*His comment "We'll see what having a baby has done to your brain when you come back"

*His changing my job without actually telling me that's what he'd done - I had to confront him after hearing from colleagues

*His saying that I didn't keep in touch whilst on mat leave, which I did, above and beyond what is outlined as necessary (I just wasn't in constant touch due to 2 bereavements, burglary and bankruptcy during mat leave!)

I feel so bloody powerless, and I know he thinks that and is loving it. I need to show that he can't just do what he wants with no comeback but don't know how to based on what the law allows.

Any tips?

bohemianbint Thu 23-Aug-07 13:22:15


RubySlippers Thu 23-Aug-07 13:23:56

no real advice other than he sounds like he is treating you differently and unprofessionally which makes your working life difficult
sex discrimination is leaping out at me
think i replied on your other post about this
did you have records of when he made these comments
i would submit a grievance - sounds like the sort of person who has got away with poor behaviour for a while

missbumpy Thu 23-Aug-07 13:27:48

A grievance is defined as "a complaint by an employee about action which his employer has taken or is contemplating taking in relation to him".

Has he actually changed your job or has he totally back-tracked and given you your old job back?

RibenaBerry Thu 23-Aug-07 13:48:48

"action an employer has taken" includes mean things he has said.

Basically, you can do a grievance about anything you want. Fire away.

prettybird Thu 23-Aug-07 13:49:05

On his complaint about you not keeping in touch whilst on mat leave - it is not your responsbility, it is his to you you informed of any major changes.

bohemianbint Thu 23-Aug-07 14:31:29

Thanks everybody.

Miss Bumpy - he has changed my job, in that I won't be getting any projects before December. This is because he says I can't do the work in 2 days. However, his daughter has gone back 1 day a week and done a project so that's not entirely fair.

He has said he'll give me "anything suitable", so I can't really complain about that. However, I know that nothing "suitable" is going to come up, probably so that he can make sure I don't get pregnant again for a while. If I do get pregnant before January, he won't assign me any work again. It's tricky, because he's being seen to say the right thing but in reality he won't give me the work.

I am seriously thinking I will submit a grievance, if for no other reason than it shows that I won't tolerate being spoken to like crap and he can't get away with it. Yeah, I might get my old duties back in Jan but there's no guarantees so basically, I don't have an awful lot to lose.

bohemianbint Thu 23-Aug-07 14:32:39

Oh, and he told me that it was a very quiet time. Then on the phone 20 mins later he said he wasn't taking any more holiday this year as there's "too much going on." Enough to warrant keeping my replacement on though.

missbumpy Thu 23-Aug-07 15:13:00

I'd put in a grievance and take him to tribunal...but then I'm a bit of a troublemaker .

It just really annoys me when employers think they can get away with treating employees like that. Employment legislation might not be perfect but it does offer some protection to employees and I think it's really important to use it. If you don't take these bastards to task they'll only go and do it to someone else or give you an even harder time in the future.

How can he say he won't assign you any more work if you get pregnant again before Jan?!?

Sorry for ranting. It just annoys me.

bohemianbint Thu 23-Aug-07 18:07:21

Cheers missbumpy.

I am deffo putting in a grievance. Smug swine is loving thinking that he has got one over on me and I can't bear it. Will keep you posted!

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