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Should DS be paid for time spent traveling to training ?

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QuickQuestion111 Thu 05-Dec-19 00:45:11

DS has recently started a coffee shop job at a local branch of a national chain. He is 21 and is paid just over minimum wage. He hasn’t yet signed any contract.
He has had to travel an hour and a half to the next city for several training days and the company has said that while they will reimburse his train ticket and will pay him for the time spent doing the actual training they will not pay for his travel time.
Am I right in thinking that because the training is not at his usual place of work that the company should be paying him for the hours he has spent traveling?
Am I correct? If I am, what law or regulations should he quote if he needs too.

Thank you. :-)

BubblesBuddy Sun 08-Dec-19 23:39:36

I’m very surprised they are training him without issuing a contract of employment. However as they are paying him travel and have arranged training, and presumably agreed a start date and wages, he does have a contract. It’s just not a written one!

BubblesBuddy Sun 08-Dec-19 23:43:27

OP: to avoid the snippy comments it’s always best to say it’s your query! For some reason mums like attacking other mums when they ask on behalf of DC who are aged over 18. Unless you are on the higher education thread, then it’s ok to talk about 25 year old DC who are still undertaking HE. Just double standards I’m afraid. I think you have every right to ask this question and often the ins and outs of employment are confusing.

QuickQuestion111 Mon 09-Dec-19 00:58:15

OP: to avoid the snippy comments it’s always best to say it’s your query!
Thanks, I think you are right. I’ve been on Mumsnet For ages and yet I am still surprised at how some innocuous threads attract snippy comments. I thought it was a fair and interesting question and I welcomed the helpful replies.

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