When do you know its time for a job change

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Thinkcalmthoughts Wed 04-Dec-19 21:13:25

Been cleaning for at least 13 years and still doing it but now it's more harder as it's a hospital (offices) I'm not enjoying it as much I did when I first started years ago only did it then as it was easy for childcare at the time and was the evenings now I'm still doing it but I'm thinking I'm better off changing jobs
I'm not liking going out in the evening anymore plus I'm sore and knackered after a shift and thinking of my health here and family time.
Feel like cleaning is my comfort zone as I've done it for 13 years and its all I know.
Feel as though I should try something out my comfort zone

When do you know it's time for a change?

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EBearhug Thu 05-Dec-19 09:01:32

You know it's time for a change for the reasons above. You're not enjoying it, it's physically hard-going, the hours aren't suiting you any more - they're all good reasons to change. It sounds like what is holding you back is fear of the unknown.

Think about what hours you would prefer, what sort of work you want to do and can do. Think about your transferable skills - not just the ones directly about clean, but you will probably have good time management skills, communication skill, health and safety knowledge (handling cleaning chemicals) - there may be other protocols you have to follow, being in a hospital. Get your CV updated and start looking to get an idea of the market and to thing about what areas you might want to move into. Good luck!

Thinkcalmthoughts Thu 05-Dec-19 11:14:52

I think the reason I haven't changed before is that cause I did cleaning for years it's like a comfort zone for me and think I need to push my self out that comfort zone
Also think what was holding me back Is the fact I dont know anything else I left college after a year had 2 jobs one was canvassing going door door long hours never seen family then a factory for a year till I went on to have my daughter
Since then it's been cleaning and was enjoying my evenings there when I left first cleaning job after 13 years but the job I went to do didnt suit and got a weird feeling about the place so for a few month been signing on till I got new cleaning job it's hard going expect full cleans nearly every day and I cant exactly cut corners as you've to fill out a sheet so they can double check your work and not cutting corners

Ideally I'd like to be out during the day starting from say 7/8am then hopefully finished by 5 so can be home in evenings to have a family life for a change

Wondering if to speak to a work coach or cararers adviser to get some prospective
I've seen so many people round me change jobs and say it's the best move my partner done it after 10 years cleaning took a leap and went into careing in a carehome

Thanks for the advice

I now when I'm in there think is this all I'm worth and is this where I'll still be when I retire

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