Nhs and giving notice. How would you handle this?

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Boppingbooper Tue 03-Dec-19 20:06:00

I have an interview for a new role with the same health board I currently work for but a different department and a different hospital site. The interview is on a Friday and then I am on annual leave for a week. Back to work for one day and then off again for a week over Xmas and new year. If I was to be offered the job on the Friday or the Monday when I'm on annual leave how do I let my boss know? I like my boss and they have no idea I'm looking for a new job.
If I don't let them know before I come back from annual leave then he may get a reference request. Just feels wrong for him to find out that I'm leaving that way. But calling him when I'm on annual leave to tell him I've been offered a new job and will be handing in my notice once all the checks are completed also feels strange.

So how would uou deal with this? Would you call while on annual leave/hope they are slow to request references and tell him when back in work/email him? Obviously I may not even get the job but this is worrying me more than the interview blush

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Hopefulmidwife Tue 03-Dec-19 20:10:19

I did this lately. I was actually on annual leave and just about to leave the country when I got offered another job. I gave it a day and then emailed my manager. Told her I wasn't provisionally emailing due to being away but this is my notice, I will talk to you when I'm back etc etc.

Apologised for the format, and did the usual 'thank you for your support' stuff as technically it was the only written notice I gave.

She was absolutely fine. However, if you're happy to wait another week (so to add on to your notice period) then there is no harm in waiting. But you can't guarantee they won't ask for references in that time.

Hopefulmidwife Tue 03-Dec-19 20:10:48

Was provisionally emailing **

Boppingbooper Wed 11-Dec-19 11:46:00

Thanks for your reply 10Hopefulmidwife. I feel so bad about having to do it via email and not face to face but I suppose there's no choice.
If I leave it until I'm back from annual leave/Xmas shut down then my manager may have already received the reference request.

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