back pain made worse by employer

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DTSFA Sun 01-Dec-19 18:56:14

I have chronic painful back pain for 7 years

I have one leg shorter than the other (from serious RTA) and this has caused overload on left side, and damaged my spine.

I have severe facet joint pain, and recently I have carried out duties that have exacerbated my pain

suffice to say I am now in agony.

I went to our H&S person at work, and he seemed understanding at first, but then suggested not to bother to record incident, saying 'the event has now past'.

my line manager has been aware of my increase in back pain

please can you advise me, as I am trying to construct an email to my employer to state to them that I cannot carry out any similar duties until they take appropriate measures to sort out

I get no sick pay from this employer and they have bad reputation, history for sorting such matters

what should I say in my email ? Should I be reminding them of their duty of care and quoting relevant HSE regulations ?

thanks in advance

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BritInUS1 Sun 01-Dec-19 18:59:59

Were you doing something that you were employed to do?

Were your employers aware of your restrictions?

What could they do to help?

I would call ACAS for advice

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