Need help make a decision!

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summerof66 Mon 25-Nov-19 13:49:58

If the NHS one was the only one offered I would definitely take it. It's within the Payroll department so it's somewhere I feel I could progress within and if nothing else, get some great experience at the end of the apprenticeship.

I think the reason I sound so unsure is because the NHS job is more of second choice, the other one just ticks all the boxes, regardless I'd be happy to take whatever I can get.

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EBearhug Mon 25-Nov-19 12:30:34

What is the NHS one for? Is it clerical? Could you end up in HR through that route? You're not sounding keen. If it were the only one offered, would you take it? Or keep looking? There's no point doing it for the sake of change if it's not taking you in a direction you're keen on, especially if it's going to leave you with very little money.

I would probably attend the interview - it's practice, if nothing else. Use the interview to ask about things you're not sure about.

You don't have a decision until you have been offered the first one - and also the second one. Will you definitely get offers that quickly? If they are also interviewing on other days, that might delay their response. In any case, on the assumption you do get offered the first, I would leave it as long as possible before responding (I don't know if you get a deadline specified, though,) and then leave it as long as possible before returning any paperwork. And remember that while it's not good practice, plenty of people have withdrawn from jobs etc after they have accepted it - sometimes, better offers do come along.

summerof66 Mon 25-Nov-19 10:36:40

Ah a typo in my first post, great!

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summerof66 Mon 25-Nov-19 10:33:15

I'm currently employed through an agency but the unreliability with work is just not sustainable. I'm looking for a compete career change so considering apprenticeships to retrain.

I've luckily have been offered 2 interviews. The first is within the NHS and the other within an HR department. I really want the 2nd HR position but would be grateful for either at this point.

Here's my list of thoughts - would be grateful for any advice!!

Very low pay - would probably just about cover petrol costs!
About an hour to travel to + traffic + parking stress everyday + parking charges
I'd be out the house from 7.30 - 6 with very little money to show for it.
It's the NHS (I don't know if thats a pro or con these days?)
Difficult interview - would it be worth my time even attending considering the above?

The problem is that the NHS interview is this week and the second one (which I really want) is not til next Wednesday. If I get offered the NHS one, how soon do they need you to accept it (can I keep them hanging on until I've heard back from the second one?)

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