What to do between GCSE and 6th Form

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NewinTown25 Sun 10-Nov-19 07:27:17

Please I need suggestion about pre 6th form leadership programmes or any short vocational training. My daughter is in her gcse year and will have three months free after gcse and before 6th form. I am thinking of putting her in a leadership programme to boost her communication skills and confidence. Any suggestions?

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NewinTown25 Sun 10-Nov-19 07:28:26

Please post

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BeanBag7 Sun 10-Nov-19 07:29:05

Look up NCS (national citizenship service). I'm not sure exactly what they do but its aimed at that age group and I know they do activities for a week and then are expected to organise and run an event of some sort, so good transferable skills and confident e building. HTH

FullSteamBehind Sun 10-Nov-19 07:35:07

Another vote for NCS.

NewinTown25 Sun 10-Nov-19 15:55:39

Thanks, will check it out.

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Chasingsquirrels Sun 10-Nov-19 15:59:15

Definately NCS.
Although my ds1 didn't do it as his dad already had a 2 week holiday booked so the dates didn't work. He also helped with the school yr 7 camp as a yr 11 leader, went on a scout weekend, came away with us for a week, worked a bit, and had the change to wind down after exams and do nothing.

fedup21 Sun 10-Nov-19 16:03:08


underneaththeash Sun 10-Nov-19 19:52:30

They get appalling google reviews....has anyone's child actually been?

fedup21 Sun 10-Nov-19 21:25:06

Mine both did NCS-they loved it. Loads of their friends did as well.

What did the Google reviews that you read say?

underneaththeash Sun 10-Nov-19 23:50:23

Have a google - they're 90% one star for the recent ones, so badly organised, poor food, badly run, activities not as advertised.
The concept sounds great (DS isn't old enough yet though).

NewinTown25 Mon 11-Nov-19 06:04:06

@Underneaththeash, thanks, will do

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AlwaysCheddar Mon 11-Nov-19 06:40:09

Very badly organised And it is rough food and beds but these days I think some kids could do with a reality check that not every break away is a 5 star hotel!!

ChachyFace Mon 11-Nov-19 06:48:18

NCS- my son did it in 2018. It was well organised, there was adequate supervision - though i'm sure they got up to all sorts in halls of residence. DS really enjoyed it - particularly the activity centre week and the time in halls of residence. He got a lot out of it- he went on his own, made friends, tried new things..I didn't mind him mooning round for the rest of the summer cos he'd got off his ass and done something challenging and different. And all for 50 quid- plus a funny graduation ceremony...

MollyButton Mon 11-Nov-19 06:48:32

Two of mine did NCS - there may have been little problems but it was fabulous for both of them, and an absolute bargain. (The admin was a bit hit and miss at times, but the experience was great.)
Week one did have dodgy beds - some groups liked the food and other moaned, my Vegan DD was happy though. Week 2 was in fabulous Uni accommodation, and the next two weeks in their own beds - and the quality of the experience to some extent down to the young people themselves.

Esmerelda1988 Mon 11-Nov-19 06:50:09

Princes trust 'team' program if it runs in your area. 12 weeks including a weeks residential then community projects. Can't comment on how good it is in your area but the young people I've known that have been have enjoyed it and it's good for the CV.

ChachyFace Mon 11-Nov-19 06:56:02

I think some people expect it to be a 5star experience. Yes the food is canteen style mass catering. No you probably don't get an en-suite bathroom. But it's about personal challenge, team work and making a contribution to your community. These disappointed reviewers misunderstand the scheme and think it's about providing them with a month's activities for their pleasure!!!!

BeanBag7 Mon 11-Nov-19 07:06:50

Google reviews area probably written by the kids themselves, who tend to be very fussy about things like food. Have a look at Google reviews for your local schools - loads of one stars written by kids in year 8 saying ,"too much homework" "canteen is horrible" etc. I wouldn't read too much into it - maybe ask on chat if anyone's child has done NCS and how they found it.

Prince's Trust is (I think) for children who have struggled in school, have behavioural issues etc. Or at least it is in my area.

healthylifestylee Mon 11-Nov-19 07:15:56

I had the option of NCS or the last certain long break I could see. I spent my 3 months deciding if I was making the right choice for college and spending time with my partner (yes we are still together)
I had no intention of going to university so I knew this was the last real break I had and I really enjoyed it.
I spent a lot of time out with friends as they all made similar choices. I went on holiday and really just had fun

I knew of people who did NCS they didn't seem unhappy. I just don't think it was for me as I wanted to do what I wanted

EvaHarknessRose Mon 11-Nov-19 08:13:39

I work with young people and have heard only positives from teens who have completed NCS.

TeenPlusTwenties Mon 11-Nov-19 08:22:02

I know a number of teens who have done NCS and they found it positive. It is 4 weeks.

So 12 weeks to fill.
- 2 weeks recovery
- 4 weeks NCS
- 2 weeks holiday
Other time could be filled with
- cookery course, first aid course, drama week, sports week
After results
- pre-reading

The secondary education board may be a good place to ask for ideas too.

otterturk Mon 11-Nov-19 08:23:53

I worked on NCS years back and they get to do a lot of great stuff. IIRC it's two weeks of outward bound adventurous activities then one week of going into a local business then putting together a campaign.

otterturk Mon 11-Nov-19 08:24:13

But I would also suggest letting her have a summer off before A levels.

TheVeryHungryTortoise Mon 11-Nov-19 08:27:47

What is your daughter doing at A level/what does she want to do after A levels? I'd suggest work experience in the area she wants to go into.

Trewser Mon 11-Nov-19 08:28:05

Mine did absolutely nothing apart from the odd bit of paid work, socialise and sport. It's a marathon not a sprint!

NewinTown25 Mon 11-Nov-19 15:03:09

Thanks all for wonderful suggestions

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