Ending a secondment

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isittimetogotobed Fri 08-Nov-19 11:10:36

I have started a secondment and I hate it.
I can't work there for a year as was agreed.does anyone know where I stand legally with returning to my original post?

I think if I can't do that then I will have to hand my notice in as I am having panic attacks just being in to office

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InOtterNews Fri 08-Nov-19 11:45:04

You need to talk to your line manager at your usual company. They have a duty of care as you are still their employee technically and your employment contract is with them.

Have you got a copy of your secondment agreement?

flowery Fri 08-Nov-19 14:52:43

Your secondment agreement should cover when/if the secondment can be terminated early.

isittimetogotobed Fri 08-Nov-19 19:57:55

I have not signed a secondment aggreemen this or being given one to look at?
I've been told I can return to my old post but I need to work a months notice. I genuinely don't think I can, I'm having such anxiety and panic attacks. I've never been off sick before but I am genuinely considering getting a doctors note to covet the notice period.
I can't believe I have made such a mistake with this, I thought this post would be perfect for me

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flowery Sat 09-Nov-19 09:07:55

That’s good they’re allowing you to return early.

What on earth is happening in the new job that’s so awful it’s giving you panic attacks?!

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