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Calling W London/Surrey web designers

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amidaiwish Fri 17-Aug-07 07:13:15

My friend is setting up an interior design business and needs someone to program a website - find a mumsnetter i thought!

They have the logo, design etc and need someone to build their website. I understand it to be an information site but she'll need to be able to add on new homes they've worked on, upload lots of pictures and be able to change these herself regularly.

She's based in Twickenham so ideally someone fairly local.

Anyone out there?


amidaiwish Fri 17-Aug-07 08:50:00


amidaiwish Fri 17-Aug-07 10:15:13


futurity Fri 17-Aug-07 10:20:39

I'm a web designer although not exactly local..based in South Cambridgeshire so about an hour on the train north of London. My husband and I run our own business together ..I do the design and he does the techy stuff which includes systems for clients to add content themselves which sounds like what she would need.

Let me know if we can be of any help!

amidaiwish Fri 17-Aug-07 11:58:29

great - must be lovely to work with dh

can you CAT me with your details and i'll pass them on (unless you don't mind printing them here, or maybe a link to your website?)

futurity Fri 17-Aug-07 12:20:19

Here is our site, where you can see example of work and our contact details.

Valeksandrova Sat 11-Mar-17 14:03:31

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raqeeb Sun 12-Mar-17 15:40:08

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