Probation Period and Sickness

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GoldenBlue Wed 30-Oct-19 13:49:59

Realistically you're not likely to pass probation with this sickness history. At best they may extend your probation period to allow you more opportunity to demonstrate you can fulfil the role. But it doesn't sound like the role is suiting you

amb38 Tue 29-Oct-19 22:52:49

Good Evening,

Just looking for advice: 6 months ago I returned to a job that I was in a year ago covering a maternity leave, I was asked to go back with a permanent contract back in April. I started this role and was happy with it for about 1 month and a half and then I became really stressed with the amount of work that was dumped on me with minimal training. I informed a few of my colleagues that I had too much to keep on top of and important things weren't getting dealt with.

I then found out I was pregnant and the stress just made me break to the point I had to see my dr who advised working on my state was not acceptable and they advised me to go on the sick. I was off for 2 weeks then decided to try and go back to work, I lasted a day and nothing had been done about my work load etc . I was in a back to work meeting with my manager on that day who lied on my back to work form and advised if he put down I had work related stress it would "raise alarm bells" with HR.

I then returned to my because of the stress and they've given me time off. I have now been on the sick for 4 months. I have not heard from my manager or anyone in the company since being off sick. My 6 months probation is due to end tomorrow, I was expecting to be contacted by them explaining they had ended my probation but I have not heard anything.

Does anyone know if I don't hear anything from them to just expect my probation period is over?

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