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BPrincess Mon 28-Oct-19 13:14:13

Thinking about this is doing my head in - can anyone help please!

I'm thinking about taking a 3 day a week job. The holiday entitlement is 25 days pro rata. They'd prefer Tuesday to Thursday. Would that mean I'd be getting diddled out of paid bank holidays Mondays off? I presume if I worked Monday to Wednesday that whenever a bank holiday fell on a Monday I'd get that day off, no questions asked.

What do people think?
Thanks in advance!

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dementedpixie Mon 28-Oct-19 13:24:09

You should get a pro rated amount of bank holidays included in your entitlement and will therefore have more choice about when to take your holidays whereas those who work mondays will have fewer of their own choice days to take

dementedpixie Mon 28-Oct-19 13:27:18

What do full timers get in total as the minimum is 28 days which may or may not have bank holidays included? Your minimum would be 5.6 x 3 = 16.8 days

BPrincess Mon 28-Oct-19 13:43:09

Thank you! I think I know what Qs to ask at interview now. Full timers get 25 days plus bank holidays, so yes, if they're fair I should get 25 days plus the bank holidays at pro rata!

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BPrincess Mon 28-Oct-19 14:06:06

@dementedpixie, how did you come up with the 5.6 x 3?

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dementedpixie Mon 28-Oct-19 15:07:57

Because everyone is entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks holiday and your week consists of 3 days so that makes 3 x 5.6

You should get 3/5 of the full time entitlement which is 25+8 = 33 so you should get 19.8 days. It can be rounded up but not down.

BPrincess Mon 28-Oct-19 16:15:25

Thanks so much @dementedpixie. Is that legal requirement? 5.6 weeks holiday?

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dementedpixie Mon 28-Oct-19 16:22:55

Yes it is although your employer to be seems to offer more than the minimum

YobaOljazUwaque Mon 28-Oct-19 16:27:00

The 5.6 week minimum includes the 8 bank holiday days so the minimum is 20 days plus bank holidays. This employer offering 25 days plus bank holidays is doing more than the minimum so that's good. Part time employees must be treated no less favourably so must get the amount of time off of per day worked.

BPrincess Mon 28-Oct-19 16:39:29

So if a full time worker had a total of 33 days off a year (25 + 8 bank holidays), I would get 3/5 of 33, which is 19.8 days, which should be rounded up to 20 really. And if I was working Tuesday to Thursday, then those 20 days could be taken any time during those Tuesday to Thursday periods?

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dementedpixie Mon 28-Oct-19 16:43:55

Yes. Whereas if you worked mondays and there was a bank holiday then that day would come out your holiday entitlement giving you fewer days to choose for yourself.

YobaOljazUwaque Mon 28-Oct-19 16:51:11

You can't assume they will round the 19.8 to 20. They may expect you to carry over the 0.8 (or 0.3 if you take a half day) to the next leave year. Over 5 years the 0.8 would amount to a whole number of days.

crimsonlake Tue 29-Oct-19 18:34:42

I work 28 hours pro rata, my holidays are worked out in hours and bank holidays are included in those hours.

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