Invited to interview / worried old job might effect my chances

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TANGLETWEEZER Wed 23-Oct-19 17:23:58

Hello everyone, I’m just looking for some quick advice. If anyone could help then that would be great.

I’ve been invited to an interview for a child care NVQ assessor position. It’s a role I’ve always been interested in and I think I have a pretty good chance at getting it as I meet the criteria and hold all the relevant qualifications. The company seem lovely so far.

I’ve recently come from working in a private nursery setting and I absolutely hated it. I had a terrible time whilst working there due to their awful managers. There were a few serious issues and concerns that I had raised to my manager and the owners and after I did so they just made my life hell. I ended up being signed off work with stress by the GP. When I eventually returned and was prepared to address the issues I had raised they accused me of being a whistleblower and trying to ruin the company's reputation. I was again signed off by the GP and was then harassed by my manager and the HR department via emails, phone calls and letters. I made the decision to resign and my sick note covered the notice period so I never went back.

I have put a claim in for constructive dismissal as I felt I had no choice but to leave because they made my life a misery, when all I wanted to do was address a few issues and concerns. It's still ongoing. I’ve not put them down as a reference as quite frankly I don’t think they would give me one anyway. I have other previous employers who will be happy to give me a good one anyway so it's fine.

I’ve been applying for jobs and was invited to this particular interview. I’m really eager to attend and see what it’s all about. I think I would be pretty good at the job with the right training. I’m worried (if I’m successful) that I may have to deal with learners who work at this particular nursery. The position covers the area that I live in and this company owns around 5-6 nurseries here so there's a good chance I may have to go there.

When I spoke to the manager on the phone, she did ask me why I had left the nursery but I just told her it was because I wanted a change of pace. I think I may have made a mistake by doing that though and perhaps I should of been more honest with her.

I’m not sure wether I should be truthful in the interview and just explain the circumstances but explain that I would always remain professional and do my job properly if I ever needed to attend one of the nurseries in questions, or should I wait to hear if I’ve got the job first after attending the interview and then tell them?

Also, I'm not sure what would happen if I won my case against them. I doubt very much that they’d want me on their property and teaching their staff.

I know I haven’t done anything wrong as they were a terrible company to work for and made me ill, but I know how new employers can perceive things sometimes. I don't want to mess my chances up by being honest and then they take it the wrong way.

I’m probably worrying about nothing. I’ve not even been to the interview yet but I'm just trying to think ahead just incase the issue does come up.

I’m really struggling to decide what to do for the best. Please please help!

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TANGLETWEEZER Wed 23-Oct-19 18:25:20


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Myimaginarycathasfleas Wed 23-Oct-19 18:44:30

I think you may have to come clean. OP.

However you should also say that you have an exemplary employment record and glowing references from your previous employers. The difficulties you had were specific to that particular job, and those managers.

Offer to answer any questions they might have about the circumstances.

That would be my approach, however others with more experience may be along to give you better advice.

Good luck in the interview.

TANGLETWEEZER Wed 23-Oct-19 19:05:07

Thanks for your reply - yes I agree, I think I should be honest. I'm just not sure when the best time would be to bring it up.

I've shot myself in the foot by lying about it in the first place! blush

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Myimaginarycathasfleas Wed 23-Oct-19 19:29:37

You didn't lie. What you said is consistent with your actual circumstances.

As for when to bring it up. If it fits nicely into an answer to any of their questions that would be the time. If not, then near the end you could say "I'd like to explain a bit more about why I'm leaving my current job, if I may." And then have your explanation prepared in your head so you can say it clearly and without too much waffle.

If they ask why you didn't mention it before (doubt they will) you can say that you always intended to tell them but felt it was better done face to face where they could ask you anything they might want to know.

BubblesBuddy Wed 23-Oct-19 22:27:26

They may well contact your previous employer for up to date info. So you need to be honest. Many employers expect to see the current employer as a referee. They will wonder why you haven’t put them down.

If you get the job, I would try and swerve going back to your last employer. You might not be received with open arms and it would be awkward for you and them.

forestdweller11 Thu 24-Oct-19 04:49:54

I don't really think you can be totally open and honest at the interview. You need to be general about why you left. You can't say at interview stage that your old company were awful, as in general it's not seen as a positive to 'bad mouth' your old company - you don't know the relationship between the two companies. You could say something more of a cop out if asked and say that you didn't share the companies internal ethos or a similar more general phrase.
Ref potentially having to work there I think you probably have to cross that bridge when you get to it - they either won't realise it's you, or complain to your bosses and you'll potentially have to be swapped with another trainer. If it's the sort of company you describe they probably don't actually won't actually use the services of an external provider!

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