New job, huge mistake?

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RelapsedChocoholic Wed 16-Oct-19 11:25:36

Does anyone have any experiences where you were having major second thoughts about a job before starting- but it all worked out amazingly?!

The recruitment process has been poor overall imo, particularly their communication

I’ve just had a rubbish phone call with a woman who is supposed to be onboarding me- she seemed thoroughly pissed off to be speaking with me, and given she’s not even in my team seems likely this she doesn’t want this responsibility.

She’s told me to come to a different office to the one I’m expecting to be working in, and one I explicitly said I would not want to work in during the recruitment process...

I hate the first few months in a new job generally, as you just feel a bit useless- but the woman’s attitude, on top of my existing reservations, just makes me feel like why bother? (the pay obviously!)

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MzHz Wed 16-Oct-19 11:30:19

Go to your manager and say you think this woman’s unkeen and you don’t want to add to her work load, so is there someone in your office that can help? Or even a number of people?

GU24Mum Wed 16-Oct-19 11:32:48

Have you started yet or is this a pre-visit? I couldn't decided whether or not to leave a couple of years ago - resigned (but hadn't signed contract), went to a handover and hated it! I managed to rescind my resignation and turned down the job. Knew then that was exactly the right thing to to. Good luck!

RelapsedChocoholic Wed 16-Oct-19 11:37:04

Thanks for the suggestion MzHz, my manager is based in the US and I don’t yet have a team here (UK) so I was feeling a bit stuck!

But I do have the name of one other non-HR person from the interviews who is based in the office I should be in, so I may try and think of a tactful way of suggesting they might be more appropriate.

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RelapsedChocoholic Wed 16-Oct-19 11:41:31

I haven’t started yet GU24Mum, unfortunately it’s not an option to rescind my resignation from my last role.

I’m not sure if I’m just having pre- new job buyers remorse / normal nerves exacerbated by ‘mean’ woman lol or if this is just going to be crap!

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jellycatspyjamas Fri 18-Oct-19 03:10:03

I tend to listen to my gut feeling in these things - I rescinded my resignation and withdrew from a job offer for some of the things you’re talking about, if I hadn’t been able to rescind my resignation I had agreed with my DH that I still would withdraw from the job. I can’t be arsed now doing a job I’m not sure of or that doesn’t suit me well.

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