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Beyourself90 Sun 13-Oct-19 21:41:09

I work for the NHS in a community based role which involves a lot of driving from my office to patients homes - district nursing type of role. I've been in this role for 15 years with no issues directly with me but as a whole there have been team issues with a member of staff of a lesser grade engaging in intimidating behaviour towards other colleagues. Largely I had escaped her clutches as I don't in general get involved with the team bitchiness and keep to myself, get in with the job. All of my appraisals have always stated how I'm a good team member and up to date with my work.
Several weeks ago this lady had a run in with me over something minor she accused me of not following process in filing forms (she's admin) I called her out and said it was a simple error, easily fixed, and when did she become my line manager?
Since then she has tortured me and my manager is afraid of her so stays on her side. I did make my manager aware that how she speaks on the team floor lowers morale but this was ignored.
Recently I was called into a meeting with my manager who told me I was being investigated for 'misuse of my time and being on unauthorised leave over the summer while she was on leave' two dates were cited - both of these dates had been signed off by my manager in May and she signed them off. I put this to her and she stated when she receives an allegation she has to investigate. I told her ok but now that the matter was cleared up was that it dropped and she said no, that hr were being informed. I asked why, and she said hr would want it noted on my record? I told her I had my evidence of my leave sheet and it felt a bit off and that I knew who had made this up cos there was only one person on the team who would do that but I did say I felt a bit like a witch hunt.
I'm looking out now and as much as l love my job and how it fits in with my family, I hate how I have been treated and made to look as if I was some sort of criminal taking off without asking.
Should I just wait for outcome of HR and is it time to move on?

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catswhiskers15 Sun 13-Oct-19 22:35:23

Talk to your Union Rep. If your manager signed off on your leave then it doesn't make sense that you can be accused and investigated for being on unauthorised leave. If you do correspond with your Union Rep ,do it during your lunch break and on your personal email. While this seems to have the hallmarks of a malicious complaint, its odd that your line manager appears afraid of this admin person and is looking to have HR investigate. Im also not sure what HR are going to investigate and put on record as you have proof that your leave was signed off. With regard to the mis-use of time-presumably all patient visits would be in your diary and you would have specific time allocated e.g dressing a wound 30mins? also its easy enough to prove how long it takes to travel to and from how can you be accused of mis-use of time? unless it can be proved you were else where or doing something else during work time?
Incidentally keep that copy of the signed leave on your person, don't leave it in a desk "to disappear". Don't let yourself be bullied out of your post. Get advice from your Union Rep especially if you are being investigated. Best of luck to you. please update if you are able.

Beyourself90 Mon 14-Oct-19 21:55:10

Thanks for the reply. I'm still waiting to hear of the outcome of the investigation. The misuse of time allegation was to do with a morning where I had to take off to care for my child and not phoning in. This is incorrect as I left voicemails but I'm hindsight I should have emailed my manager but I was in too much of state trying to get my child to a gp appt. The team is too busy for to waste time.
Ill update once I know the outcome

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catswhiskers15 Mon 14-Oct-19 23:32:18


Im hoping for a good outcome. With regard to the mis-use of time, I knew it would be something that was being twisted! the missed couple of hours can be explained by the fact that it was an emergency appointment for your child. Incidentally, isn't it a shame that little miss admin couldn't have picked up the voicemail messages to the office and passed them on for you! so much for team work.

madroid Mon 14-Oct-19 23:37:38

You have a legal right to take time off for your dependents.

It is unfair that a note should be put on your record by he. I think if that's not dropped you should consider raising a grievance.

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