Term time only job plus holidays?

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MeMyselfIcecream Tue 01-Oct-19 18:54:27

Hi hoping someone can clarify this. In my organisation some term time only workers get 5 weeks holiday a year and others are just term time only with no holidays. Any other term time workers out there? Is it normal to get holidays on top? Just trying to get my head round why some get holidays and some don't.

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Redcliff Tue 01-Oct-19 19:01:11

All employees are entitled to paid holiday - the term time workers included.

thatmustbenigelwiththebrie Tue 01-Oct-19 19:08:11

They should get pro rata holiday. So whatever percentage of full
Time they are they should get that percentage of holidays annually.

BikeRunSki Tue 01-Oct-19 19:12:08

My organisation offers both. You get paid differently obvs if you have 13 weeks of school holidays AND 5 more weeks.

YessicaHaircut Tue 01-Oct-19 19:12:23

I work term time only on a 37hrs per week, 39 weeks per year contract. 5 weeks of the school holidays are paid and the rest are unpaid (but I can do other paid work during school holidays if I want to).
My sister also works term time only in a different setting, but on a zero hours contract, so doesn’t receive any pay for any of the holidays.
So I think it depends what it says in your contract.

MeMyselfIcecream Tue 01-Oct-19 19:15:34

Thanks very much for your replies.

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Bellie99 Tue 01-Oct-19 19:17:32

I'm on term time (39 weeks) with 5 weeks paid holiday which must be taken in the school holidays. So effectively paid for 44 weeks of the year.


CreatedBySombra Tue 01-Oct-19 19:24:30

My friend is term time only. She has to use all her annual leave plus unpaid leave to achieve this but they've balanced her pay across the 12 months rather than her having really low/no pay some months of the year.

She's allowed to take additional time off but it's always unpaid.

flowery Tue 01-Oct-19 20:05:04

There has been case law recently changing this. Term time (or other part year) workers now get 5.6 weeks' holiday same as everyone else.

See case details here

Tartan333 Fri 04-Oct-19 18:21:23

does anyone know what the annual leave entitlement for NHS term time workers is?

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