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MissDai5y Fri 27-Sep-19 18:25:20

I applied for a position in a new institution that is exactly the same as I do now, with a few soft skill areas on top. It's 200 miles away from where I am now, that's why I applied.

The position closed to applications yesterday and the interviews are expected to be held on the 4th (as per the advert).

I'm not one to assume I've got an interview and I'm not inclined to ask for a day off in the hope I might get one, especially as this is a busy time of year so I've waited to hear if I've been shortlisted and not heard anything today.

My dilemma is that it seems perfectly reasonable to not have shortlisted and informed everyone if the position only closed at midnight last night. But in the same breath, I can't imagine that you would intend to give people 2/3 days notice (which is what it would be if they told people on Monday or Tuesday to interview Thursday).

So if I've not heard anything now, is it safe to assume I've not been shortlisted and therefore don't need to worry about a difficult last minute conversation with my boss, last minute transport and last minute on line clothes shopping because I'm working from before shops until after they close all next week?

I have emailed their HR to ask when people will hear so I can work out the rest for myself but no response.

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flowery Fri 27-Sep-19 18:30:30

But they are not giving 2/3 days' notice, because people already know the date for the interviews.

They might have finished sifting and shortlisting and then notified everyone all in one day. But they may well not have done. It is not therefore safe to assume you haven't been shortlisted.

Lovemaltesers Fri 27-Sep-19 20:05:14

I’ve told people on Friday that they have got an interview on the Monday, not our finest moment though! We had put the interview date on the advert though.

Also we now have started not telling those not short listed, incase we revisit the applications after a first round of interviews

MissDai5y Fri 27-Sep-19 20:05:16

Surely no one books time off work and train tickets based on a speculative interview date for a job they have only applied for?

It's been a while (9 years with current employer) but I always thought providing the date was so you could avoid it if there was no way I.e. all the effort of applying for a job to find out that you're on holiday the week they set them?

Should I have told my boss I applied for a job elsewhere and that I might need that day off when I applied? I was more concerned itd be embarrassing if I didn't get an interview and didn't need it and would have to tell him.

I know he'd let me go even if I told him the day before but that's a bit of a dick move really...

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MissDai5y Fri 27-Sep-19 20:09:14

I'm going to have to have a word with him tomorrow. I'd feel way worse giving him less than 24hrs notice than telling him I don't need it off.

There's nothing he can do about my absence, he can't get cover or anything as we don't work like that so notice or not it doesn't really matter, I just think it's a bit rubbish.

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flowery Sat 28-Sep-19 06:10:24

” Surely no one books time off work and train tickets based on a speculative interview date for a job they have only applied for?”

No idea. Some people might book the day off anyway. Some people might plan to call in ‘sick’. Who knows. And train tickets don’t need to be bought in advance.

You can say it’s a “bit rubbish” but there could be any number of reasons that they can’t or don’t want to have a longer gap between shortlisting and interviews. They could be in a hurry to fill the post. That could be the only day for weeks the panel could all get together.

A week between deadline and interviews where people have had advance warning isn’t bad. If they tell people on Monday, that’s four days’ notice.

MissDai5y Sat 28-Sep-19 09:00:26

Thanks @Flowery. I'd not looked at it from their point of view.

I love my job and the people I work with so want the best scenario for them, without thinking that they may want the turnaround quickly after having to wait a month for the advert to be up.

I'd stay where I am if it wasn't for a change in my family situation and this move would definitely be best for that.

I'll give my boss a pre-emptive heads up today, get to the shops tomorrow and see what happens next week. I can always take the clothes back and I'll just have to suck it up about telling my boss and not getting an interview if that happens.

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rollNsausage Sat 28-Sep-19 17:31:13

I applied for a job where the closing date was 6th September and I've heard nothing. I did sent an enquiry email to HR last week and still nothing which I think is bloody rude.

I know the person who has left the job (friend of a friend) and she's started her new job already so either they've found someone and not bothered to tell those unsuccessful applicants or the position is empty and unfilled, which doesn't make sense since its an important role.

I totally agree with you OP about needing notice to plan and prepare. Its hard to resist the temptation to complain rant at the prospective employer too.

CloudsCanLookLikeSheep Sat 28-Sep-19 19:37:40

Unfortunately unless you are in a very niche market where there is a skills shortage usually you are at the beck and call of the recruiting organisation in these situations.

I once had four days notice to attend an assessment centre 200 miles away for a first stage, which was a bloody ball ache to be honest and involved driving back up the M6 on a friday evening. I did the 'emergency childcare' blag to get the time off.. that's always a good one to use if you don't want to go the sickie route (although is usually unpaid)

Mummybares Sat 28-Sep-19 19:50:07

What are you going to tell your employer? That you have a job interview? What if they dont give you the time off? Will you pull a sickie?

Most places say something like if you dont hear from.us assume you havent been successful.

MissDai5y Sat 28-Sep-19 20:52:26

I sent an email to my manager this morning to say I might need the day off. I just couldn't pull a sickie, I'd be sick through doing that, my conscience will aggravate me into illness. We're in an embargo period which doesn't end till after the 4th (No holiday allowed due to volume of work) but I am certain my manager will allow it. I've bust a gut the last few weeks working all hours possible and we're in an excellent place work wise considering what it's usually like this time of year.
My mum died recently and I have no family left here except for my bro who I don't see much. My DP has family 200 miles away who would love to have their son and granddaughter there, ergo the plan to move. I'd stay where I am otherwise.

I'm not big headed but I am very good at my job and, if nothing else I'm a bloody hard worker and I've never dicked them around. I'm always doing stuff out of my remit because it helps others in the department (and I enjoy it).
If he said no, I'd have to accept that but I don't believe he'd dick me over like that and if he did that would kill it for me.

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VeniceBeach Mon 30-Sep-19 16:37:40

Did you hear about the interview yet, OP?

I applied for a job a while ago that gave an interview date a week after the applications closed. That date came and went so I assumed I hadn’t been shortlisted, only to get an email inviting me to interview a whole month after the application date closed!

MissDai5y Mon 30-Sep-19 17:22:01

Thanks @VeniceBeach that's possibly a ray of hope but nope, heard nothing today.

I e-mailed my Manager on Saturday and he said it'd be fine if I needed it so now I feel like a knacker because I'm pretty certain I should have heard by now for an interview on Thursday.

I hate this whole process. Not had to do it for nearly 10 years and I'd forgotten what a horrible experience it is. I need to get a grip or I'll be doolally before we even get a hint of a chance at relocating at this rate.

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MissDai5y Wed 02-Oct-19 18:50:30

Apparently the interview date originally advertised wasn't viable, I've been invited to interview in a couple of weeks. Woo hoo!

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