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Highandlow Thu 26-Sep-19 12:41:31

I had an interview last Friday and it went badly. They said they would let me know ‘early next week’ . It is now thur. I wouldn’t normally worry , but I have waited 6 weeks before with the same company ( a government job ). I am really not used to not being told.

I know there was not many candidates, probably 3 and likely I have not got it.

Shall I leave it or email and ask ? Am 99 percent sure I haven’t got it, but want closure .

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Isleepinahedgefund Thu 26-Sep-19 12:53:44

I would leave it until Monday. When I say early next week it could mean friday 😬

daisychain01 Sun 29-Sep-19 06:25:44

Knowing our recruitment process I would say leave it around 10 days because they have paperwork to do.

What you need to get from your communication is interview feedback because that's what will help you focus on what didn't go so well this last interview and how can you change things next time round.

There's no point them just saying " you haven't got the job". You need to know why. They will have captured notes and scores under various criteria.

Why do you think it didn't go well? Maybe we can give you some pointers smile

KatherineJaneway Sun 29-Sep-19 06:28:36

Leave it. Sometimes things happen beyond a recruiters control like sickness etc.

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