Any pregnant primary teachers out there?

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Keastrogen92 Thu 26-Sep-19 06:47:57

Hi, I'm new here...
So I'm 16 weeks (second pregnancy) and looking pretty big compared to pregnancy 1, but I suppose that's normal the second time round. I informed work of my pregnancy on the first day of term as I has my 12 week scan over the holidays.
I teach a KS1 class and have been told to keep this a secret from the parents. A lot of pressure is being put on me to do what seems totally impossible (as I've been showing since about 8 weeks! ). I've been told to cover up, publicly teased in the staff room by SLT for wearing a big coat in 20 degree weather on the playground in front of parents in an effort to conceal my massive bump and told 'you can't let them see you like that' when I've worn something more figure hugging. I'm exhausted and stressed.
Has anyone else had similar? Is this acceptable?

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Soontobe60 Thu 26-Sep-19 06:59:06

Tell them to bugger off! There's is absolutely no way that you should be expected to 'hide' your pregnancy, but neither do you need to be sharing it with parents. You probably don't look as pregnant as you think, unless you're wearing skin tight clothes! If you're showing then that's fine, if parents ask you directly then they're being too nosey! However, I wouldn't actually go as far as to deny it.
Speak to the Head today, tell them you are very annoyed at being told to hide the pregnancy as if it's something to be ashamed of.

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