Reasonable Adjustments

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QueenArseClangers Thu 26-Sep-19 20:29:49

Yes, I have @Bluntness100

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Bluntness100 Thu 26-Sep-19 08:59:26

Have you asked the, or your manager?

DeskJockey Thu 26-Sep-19 08:32:33

@QueenArseClangers maybe they will pay, but the added “push” of a formal report from Access to Work might get them focussed?
Also shows you are trying really hard to be at work, without being “negative” such as raising a complaint.

QueenArseClangers Wed 25-Sep-19 22:47:31

Thanks Desk.
I’ve no doubt that work will pay for the equipment it’s just making sure that they get themselves organised!
Getting signed off until RA are in place seems the best move.

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DeskJockey Wed 25-Sep-19 22:21:42

Keep contacting the union. Also contact Access to Work who will do an assessment, recommend auxiliary equipment and may contribute to the cost of buying it.
You may need to be signed off of it’s causing pain, or signed as may be fit with adjustments.

QueenArseClangers Wed 25-Sep-19 20:17:28

I have a disability and have been working for my current employer for a year. They’re a massive business and really good to work for.

I had an occ health phone assessment in May and was deployed to another quieter branch after a flare up at work (spinal injury disability).

I had a workstation assessment in June and was recommended auxiliary equipment to as a reasonable adjustment. Our occ health providers have changed and it seems like my referral/report has not been actioned.
It’s now been 3 months and the lack of appropriate equipment (new workstation) is having a massive knock on effect on my health and work.
I’m off for an operation next month and worried that my recovery will be hampered by the lack of Reasonable Adjustments. Plus i’m in pain sitting at my desk.

I’ve contacted my union but not heard anything back yet and have spoke to ACAS who gave me the steps to take.

Would it be legal to ask to be signed off work until the RA have been made?

I love my job, the people are great, the management are lovely and I want to work here until retirement so don’t want to go the route to tribunal if I can help it.

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