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mummyof2ds Tue 24-Sep-19 12:30:53

Hiya new to mn just want to ask a question I am unsure about. My dp has got a new job so gave his notice in at his old job so just wondering he's got 12 holidays left at his old job. So just wondering if he will get paid for these or just his last wage

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Nanasueathome Tue 24-Sep-19 12:34:28

Are the days outstanding for the holiday year or does he have 12 days accrued to date?

mummyof2ds Tue 24-Sep-19 13:29:45

Not sure he just said he had 12 holidays left cos where he work they take them for Xmas

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MissDew Tue 24-Sep-19 13:38:29

Ask him to request his employer that any accrued holiday pay that he has accrued up to and including his leaving date is paid along with his final wages. He could also confirm that he will get his P45 with his final wages so that he can submit that to his new employer.

mummyof2ds Tue 24-Sep-19 16:54:46

Thank you will tell him when he gets home from work

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MissDew Wed 25-Sep-19 10:30:24

OK, you're welcome. His employer should keep record of any accrued holiday pay he is owed. It is just as well to ask for it, to make sure it's calculated and paid to him with his final wages.

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