When to hand in my notice?

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AufderAutobahn Sun 22-Sep-19 12:42:18

After 20+ job interviews without success, I've finally been offered a job!

I'm feeling quite dizzy and excited about it all and just wanted some advice. I've been offered the role verbally and via email, and I've accepted via email. I just wondered if I should let my manager know tomorrow, or if I should wait until I've received paperwork from the new place?

The new role is in education (not teaching), so there'll be some background checks before it's all official. There is nothing that I know of that will come up as a concern, no criminal record or employment issues in my history. I'm aware that these checks can take a while to come through though. So I guess the paperwork I have been told to expect over the next two days will he conditional in any case?

Sorry if this topic has been done to death but I'm finding conflicting opinions online and would appreciate advice.

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BaaBaaBS Sun 22-Sep-19 12:45:00

Is there any chance of them ringing your boss for a reference? If so, I'd make sure to tell her first.
Otherwise, I'd probably wait until all is confirmed

Spam88 Sun 22-Sep-19 12:45:53

It's normal to wait until all your background checks are completed before handing in your notice.

AufderAutobahn Sun 22-Sep-19 12:49:34

Ah, good point. I dont think they have my current manager 's details; I supplied them in my application but as I ticked the box requesting not to contact before interview, her details didn't reach the panel and HR will contact me about them shortly.

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LaMainDeFatima Sun 22-Sep-19 12:50:14

Get the paperwork first

HomerDancing Sun 22-Sep-19 12:59:21

I would wait until you received the paperwork first.

AufderAutobahn Sun 22-Sep-19 13:01:15

Thanks all. Yes, I'll wait.

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stucknoue Sun 22-Sep-19 13:01:33

Find out when you will be expected to start, if it's as soon as background checks are completed you will need to give in notice sooner - dbs typically takes a week these days but longer if you have lived overseas

AufderAutobahn Sun 22-Sep-19 13:09:59

Thanks @stucknoue. I think they're expecting me to start next month as I told them this was the length of my notice period. I will have a proper conversation with the manager in my new role tomorrow hopefully; since my interview there's just been a voicemail message offering the job and on Friday we exchanged brief emails confirming the offer and my acceptance.

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