Can’t cope with the madness

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DeskJockey Sun 15-Sep-19 00:52:30

I like my job, or at leastI did.
Only 6 weeks ago I was working on a project which when in place will make my job much easier, it was g to be a few months of hard work on top of the day job.
The department head went off long term sick.
Then a new “interim” was brought in for a few months as my team is “failing”.
The Interim is here to support us and coach us....well she shouted at me for two hours solid the other day. She asks questions about the work- she needs to know all the background. Except she won’t let me finish and she won’t read any of the notes I have prepared for her. I get halfway through an answer and she immediately jumps in with “why didn’t you do this/that?” If I tell her why (usually an obstruction from someone senior) that’s my fault for not raising it. Then she tells me what to do and I have to shout over her to get a really key piece of info in, she says she didn’t know that before because I didn’t tell her and now she’s given the wrong direction.
IfI do something following our policies, she tells me the policies are rubbish and I should know that and should know what to do.
Every interaction feels like a massive psychological battle- and she will find a way that everything is my fault.
She’s openly said “if you don’t like it tell management, I’m an interim and I don’t care”
I don’t feel mentally together, I feel I’ve lost my confidence. Maybe not fully, but now I’m so worried that anything will be used against me I can’t see myself going in. It gives me panic attacks.
I went off the other week and my GP signed me back on a phased return, manager says they can’t accommodate it even though they fully accommodated it for a colleague who returned the same day.
I think Interim has been brought in to pick people off and make them quit. Or is trying to break everyone down first of all?
She’s kind of dangerous though.

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